Good Energy

Newest collaboration with John Ross Palmer

Something was different about today. Maybe it was the nice weather. Maybe it was getting my boots resoled. Maybe seeing my friend again after a long time – or all of these things together. But today was a really good day. It had a good energy. And John and I created a really cool abstract piece together.

In Which an Old House Gives Us Oranges

Today I drove down to Galveston to deliver a dog portrait commission and a bunch of books. Also to hang out with my friend. We had an adventure in mind, which involved a visit to the backyard of a beautiful old house. There we found an ancient orange tree – obviously not as old as the house but impressively old considering the average lifespan of orange trees. It grew some really large oranges. The old house wanted us to have some. So we did.

And because old houses are our friends, we made sure to visit with a few more. Betty’s house has found buyers who might restore it to its former glory. Another favorite of ours is now a lovely AirBnb. And for good measure, we were sure to find a Christmas tree in the window of a former brothel. We feel like that should be good luck or something.

Owls and Bluebonnets

The day started with unexpected good news. Also, it was sunny and warm for once. The dog and I enjoyed a longer walk than usual, and in one of our neighbor’s flower beds we saw bluebonnets! They’re early this year! Dare I hope winter will be cut short? Because winter mixed with the pandemic is a little too much to bear.

I didn’t hear the owl tonight, though I tried. But I guess that’s what’s magical about it – it’s unpredictable.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, and maybe my mood will will improve? Today it plummeted halfway throughout the day as this time of year always seems so aimless and weird.

I did something worthwhile though, maybe. I ordered a whole bunch of oil paints because there’s no other medium as luscious. I want my show in the Chrysalis to include several oil paintings.

A Newfound Empathy for Rats

It’s been a week since the rat poison incident, and I’m grateful that my adventurous little dog is fine. I do, after all the research I’ve conducted on the possible effects of the poison, have a newfound empathy for rats. Though, frankly, I’ve always liked these sparkly eyed creatures and never understood why humans are so cruel to them.

Also, it’s cold. I’ve still been walking around a lot. I saw some beautiful blooming citrus, and at night I heard the owl again.

Lucky Number 7

Number 7. John Ross Palmer and Elena Sandovici collaboration. 32×32 inches, acrylic on canvas. Retail Value $6,000

What’s your favorite number? Mine is 7! So when a 7 magically appeared in the abstract painting John and I were creating on Facebook Live, I was very happy.

It was a fun beginning to my 3-month residency in the Chrysalis and we plan on doing more live painting over the next 4 days. You can watch us on Facebook Live at 5:45pm CST on the John Ross Palmer Facebook page.

I also started moving some of my favorite creations in. It especially made me happy to bring in my latest Galveston painting and several copies of Storms of Malhado. Three years ago, when I was in the Escapist Mentorship Program, I was still working on the first draft of this book. Now it’s out in the world, making friends, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Also I drew a chicken because I like chicken. A lot.

Back to the Chrysalis!

This painting is inspired by one of my favorite pictures, which John took of me three years ago when I was starting out in the Escapist Mentorship Program and painting in the Chrysalis with Bobby. So what if I told you I’m moving back into that beautiful space for a newly reinvented version of the program? I will have the Chrysalis to myself for three months and get to prepare a big show in collaboration with John. If you want more details on this exciting new adventure, tune into our Facebook Live show tomorrow at 5:45pm CST on the John Ross Palmer Facebook page. We are doing 5 days of a very special live broadcast, to get the Chrysalis and ourselves ready to create some serious magic! There will be some sparkling conversation, some live painting, and a few surprise auctions! You don’t want to miss this!

The Allure of Rat Poison

I know a little dog that found some rat poison in a back yard of an old house in New Orleans Saturday night. The poison was green and looked like hard candy. She only got to nibble on a tiny bit before I pulled her away. Still, everyone in our group was worried. I decided not to attempt to find a doggy emergency room in a city I didn’t know and not to entrust my dog to a doctor I didn’t know. My instinct told me that pumping her stomach would be unnecessary and painful but it also told me that doing nothing would be dangerous, and my research confirmed it. So puppy had blueberries and yogurt on Saturday night to detox, activated charcoal at home in Houston on Sunday, and got to see her doctor and have bloodwork done today. Her doctor is in Galveston, and it was a cold day to go to the Island, but I did go and Ronnie made me hot chocolate and a fire. My friend and I ate muffulettas and red beans and rice, drove around a bit with our masks on, and even managed to go to one of my favorite places: the tiny very beautiful cottage where my friend Catherine lives and paints.

The dog turns out to have only mild toxicity in her blood, and has been prescribed Vitamin K, which I will administer rigorously for 21 days. We’re back in Houston now and it’s cold and miserable out. But the dog is pointy-eared and perky and so I’ll put my fur coat on and go walk her.