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Carousel Giraffe

Today was beyond exciting: A fellow artist from First Saturday Arts Market not only lent me her tent, but set it up for me so that my photographer could take the required booth shot I need to submit in order to apply to Bayou City Art Festival – something that’s been a goal of mine for a long time. The booth shot was an obstacle I found nearly impossible to overcome, something I had an irrational block about, and I feel that, with help from my friends, it has now been removed. The photos below are not the actual booth shot. They’re just photos I took because I loved how my art looked in the booth, and a picture my photographer friend shot of me for fun. Anyway, it all made me think. Perhaps I should do First Saturday Art Market again. Perhaps I should once again buy a tent and do all that. After all, my art is better now and I have a lot more of it. I could have my own booth, no longer share, and go out there and meet new people.

Meanwhile I’ve started working on my 30 carousel horses for the holidays.

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More Christmas Ornaments

Today I made more Christmas ornaments. And by this I mean a lot more. It was so much fun, and I’m so excited about these! I can’t wait to have them on display for Small Business Saturday – which also, by the way, is the anniversary of my first year in business, as that was my very first event in my own gallery last year.

I also painted today, but I can’t show my painting, as it’s a portrait commission that’s a surprise and therefore top secret. 😉

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Glitter and Dog Hair

Today I went to John’s studio to paint with him. It was all a bit reminiscent of my year in the Mentorship Program, as I got myself covered in both glitter and dog hair – the two items I used to sweep off the studio floor in the Chrysalis all the time. I had brought a craft project with me, which contained glitter. I wanted to make Christmas ornaments with Alexander Ross, the carousel horse, inside. It didn’t go well at the beginning, but John said it would get easier and I’d get better at it, and that the reason people don’t try new things is that they’re afraid they will mess up. That made me feel better and and so I persevered. The ornaments are actually turning out really cute once I figured out how to make them. Also, I got to snuggle with Nancy while I drew carousel horses.

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Raven or Grackle?

Would you say this is a raven or a grackle? Which one speaks to you most?

Today the weather started turning cold again. I’m trying not to be bummed about it. I’m about to change the sheets on my bed and snuggle under the comforter with my puppy and a good book. I’ve been thinking about my own books lately, and how I basically forget to promote them for months at a time. I wish I were better at this. Perhaps I will still learn.

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Saint Francis

Today I drew Saint Francis. He plays quite an important role in my Galveston ghost story. I reworked the final chapter this morning. I’m still not sure I’m completely satisfied, but I do know that it’s much improved. I sent the novel to the editor. I like her a lot. I’m sure she’ll have good comments. While I wait there’ll be a hole in my morning routine which I’m hoping will actually make life a bit easier as the busy holiday season approaches. More time to do my online marketing, more time to exercise. Though I know I will miss that one precious hour each day I tend to spend with my characters.

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A House and Its Secrets

The seventh draft of my new novel is theoretically done, but I’m not completely sure it’s done. There are some scenes at the end that I still feel like reworking. Of course, some things are worth hashing out, and some are ok to gloss over. The key is to determine what ideas are still germinating, where I’ve been lazy or my curiosity and imagination has simply failed me, and where I omitted fleshing something out because it wasn’t important to the story or the atmosphere. These are the things I obsess over. But there’s some magic in it too. Sometimes ideas come to life organically, bits and pieces of the story, details about the characters, come to me if I only give them time.

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Beach Dog

Today I took Holly to her vet in Galveston to have her shots, then took her for a walk on the beach, and later by the marina where the pelicans hang out – the most salty place on the Island. It was a nice day, though she did not really appear to have missed the beach nor be excessively excited about it. I guess she’s a city dog now. She was, however, very excited about the pelican poop on the wooden planks of the marina. And now she’s tired and will hopefully dream glorious dreams of dead fish.

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Reasons to Buy Wine

There are many reasons to buy wine, but a label featuring a beautiful carousel horse I want to recreate is definitely high priority in my world. Today the weather was absolutely beautiful, and I hosted another party for friends who missed my Halloween gathering. It ended up being very nice, and I absolutely fell in love with the new drink I created: apple cider, vodka, a slice of blood orange, and a cinnamon stick. Also, I have some very exciting plans for Alexander Ross, but I’m not able to reveal them just yet.

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Enchanted Forest

This drawing is inspired by an Instagram account I follow. I’m not sure it goes with my day, though my day was magical in its own way. I got to go to the gym, then bought groceries to make some food for the party I’m throwing tomorrow for my carousel horses, then helped my friend clean up her art studio.

In the evening I had a very special visit in my own gallery: The historical expert who helped me with my current manuscript came by to see my paintings! We had a really nice time chatting and catching up, and we talked, among other things, about the things people on Galveston Island would eat in 1900. Always fun for me to talk about food, of course!

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A Happy Horsie

Today I felt tired after the party, but it was a happy kind of tired. The sun was shining and I had all kinds of positive things to do: I took two paintings to the Children’s Assessment Center, which I’m donating for their Art of Hope event (there’ll be a fabulous party on December 7th). I also early voted in next week’s local elections, but the highlight of my day involved one of my tiny carousel horse paintings. One of Alexander Ross’ little friends went to his new home today. He’s a very lucky horsie who will get to live with two fabulous people! So, now there are only two left, in case you had your eye on them!

Also, I drew a house because I’d like to remind everyone that I’m doing house portrait commissions for the Holidays!

And I’ve been uploading some new art on my Society6 page. Because the Holidays are approaching, and high quality prints and other products make excellent gifts. Speaking of… Look at the beautiful Christmas arrangement my friend brought me! Isn’t it lovely?