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Vow of Silence

This is interesting: I’ve taken a vow of silence. Apparently the only way to heal laryngitis is to rest your vocal chords. Completely. Even the whispering I’ve done over the past few days was actually hurting. See, I’ve done my homework. I’ve even gone to the doctor, something I rarely do, but I do have a doctor I like, the clinic is close to home, and I hadn’t been in a year, so why not? It was nice to learn there’s nothing seriously wrong. A little cough syrup and a lot of rest can fix this. It’s the rest part that I really suck at. Rest makes me bored and restless and leads me to think too much about stuff that’s not necessarily good for me.

I also had a nightmare last night and it took me all day to put two and two together. The rotting and decay in my nightmare, the alligators too, this is probably about the one-year anniversary of that awful hurricane approaching. Which comes with good and bad. It is a milestone to be celebrated. Things have changed. I’ve grown. I’m different than I used to be. My life is very very different. And still, it is the anniversary of a particularly bad moment and I figure it’s bound to stir up some ghosts.

And speaking of… It might be time for more changes, more renewal. It might be time to finally start looking for a place to live in the Heights. I do love my tiny apartment, but it might be a tad too small (especially the kitchen!) and I’m too far from too many of the things I like to do. So maybe it is time to tear myself away from this little bit of security and search for something better. It’s a bit scary, but definitely not as scary as staying stuck.

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Back to Normal?

Today I sat in John’s studio with the dogs and painted a scene from my party on Friday. We also watched Café Society, which was nice. It’s a Monday and life is back to normal, sort of. I ran some errands, went to the post office, that sort of stuff. I also sucked on lozenges and tried to regain my voice which has dwindled to a whisper since talking to so many people Friday night. It’s the same thing that happens when I teach summer classes that meet every day and end up talking too much. Anyway, John pretends to love it and says I should stay this way, but I’m working on getting better.

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Closing Reception

Today we had the closing reception for my show. My art will still be in the gallery, so you can still see it if you wish (and you should by all means come to John and Ryan’s legendary White Linen party on Saturday!), but The Platform will no longer fully be there, as some paintings are going home with collectors, and are replaced by other pieces. Still, there will be some fun stuff for you to look at! Also, I had a really nice day.

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Asparagus for Breakfast

Holly the Boston (aka @biggestdogintheuniverse) has had a rather boring time while I was preparing for my solo show. She decided to vent in a poem. Please excuse her language!

Asparagus for breakfast?

Now that takes the cake.

Da fuq am I?

A rabbit???

I understand my human had a party –

It was big and important

And involved art

(I hate art).

Other dogs were invited

But I was not

(I hate dogs).

It was at the gallery

(Now I kinda do like

The gallery.

It has a cool

Cement floor

And wooden stairs.

I love stairs)

And there were many people

(I like people)

And food

(I love food above all).

So after days of absence and neglect

What does my human bring me?

A tray, a whole tray

Of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

(I do not disapprove

Of prosciutto.

It’s related to bacon).

And then this morning,

When she finally cracks open

The magical plastic

It’s all wrapped in

What does the foolish creature do?

She unwraps the asparagus

And slips

The salty pork goodness

Into her own mouth.

What do I get?


Da fuq?!?

I mean I ate it, but…

Then she proceeded to tell me

Prosciutto is too salty

For dogs.

And that she’s out of dog food

But will go out and buy some

After coffee.

(Everyone knows coffee takes forever!)

“Here, Boo Boo,

Have more asparagus!

And how about some pineapple?”

Good thing I love that bitch.

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The Platform Continues

It was an awesome night! I had such a great time! Huge thanks to everyone who came, and to everyone who supported me from a distance.

Also, it’s not too late to see The Platform if you missed this. We are having a casual drop-in on Sunday (2-4, 1218 Heights Boulevard), so please come and please bring or send friends you think might wanna see it!

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The morning started off well: strong Turkish coffee, friends offering help with the lights, and me realizing that the store that sells the bulbs and fixtures is right next to a bakery my new friend recommended yesterday. So, I might not have been able to get all the lighting supplies I need (they had to order them and I’m picking them up tomorrow), but I did get a delicious focaccia. Then my friend Rachel and I managed, after several mishaps that didn’t seem funny at the time, to point whatever lights were already in the gallery at the actual paintings. And yes, it did make quite a difference!

See, tonight was an important night. Tonight was my evening to present my work to the Monarch Society, a group of people that are vital supporters of the Escapist Mentorship Program. I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months, and they are wonderful people. I definitely wanted to make a good impression and to show them how much I’ve learned and grown.

I’m happy to report that the evening was lovely. We talked and laughed and I even sold a lot of paintings! Oh, and look what John made for the wall in the gallery. I thought that was pretty cool.

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More Previews

Today I got to show the gallery to two very special collectors. I also got to swim in the pool, to cuddle with Bobby and Nancy on the couch in John’s studio, and to have a very lovely long lunch with a fabulous new friend. It was a pretty decadent day, and when in the evening I realized that my lighting in the gallery is not as good as I thought and that I’ll have to fix it tomorrow, at great expense, no less, it seemed like yet another unexpected crisis, one that hit me at a moment when I thought the excruciatingly hard part of the solo show preparation was done. But it’s ok. I’ll get a good night’s sleep, and then I’ll figure out the gallery lights tomorrow.

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Previews and Private Tours!

With my solo show, The Platform, hung in the gallery, I am now thrilled to offer previews and private tours! They include chilled cava and are a lot of fun! Please contact me for one especially if you can’t make the party on Friday, and even if you can. (Reminder: Opening reception is Friday July 27, 6-8 at 1218 Heights Boulevard).

Also, today, during a private tour, a collector said the cutest thing to me. We were talking about my dog poetry (available in the gallery along with my novels) and she said that dogs are in crisis. They were bred to be useful, and what do they do nowadays? Boston Terriers, for example, were bred to catch rats. I’m pretty sure Holly has never even seen a rat. Any idea what that does to her identity and her sense of purpose? I think she’ll have to write a poem about this. Also, does anyone have rats? Pretty please?

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Little Fish

With my show hung and looking very much to my liking, I’m floating on a little cloud of happiness. And so I floated on down to the Island where I had a very special photo shoot with one of my favorite artist friends in one of my favorite Island homes. Details to follow over the next few days. I also went to Maceo’s for lunch, and to the vet to get my dog’s heart-worm and flea meds. A curious little fish looked at me from a little fish bowl while I completed my transaction. I decided I needed to paint it. It seemed fitting. After all, today is the six-year anniversary of my blog, and one thing I’m celebrating is that by painting every day my skills have grown a lot from the days when I only did abstract fish. Even my fish have gotten better! Go figure!

My favorite moment of the day came in the evening, though. That’s when I sat in the freshly mopped gallery among all my paintings and ate what John and I refer to as “the good sandwich.” This is the Garden Sammie from Local Foods (on a gluten free wrap, because I love the texture!) with sides of kale and watermelon. I’m pretty much addicted to this creation. But it has never tasted so good as when I ate it picnic-style while looking at my paintings. I swear, I enjoy looking at them even more than I love looking in the mirror! And everyone who knows me knows how addicted I am to mirrors.

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4 Women. 4 Hammers. 40 Paintings

Today I went to Home Depot and bought the most amazing little power drill. Then I put D-rings on 40 paintings while my friends were cutting out the labels I’d printed and putting each into its individual frame. That, by the way, is very very tedious. I have good friends!

The paintings are now all on the walls in the gallery! It turns out there are actually 46 of them, even though we’ve eliminated a few, but the fact that I totally suck at math should be no surprise.

What was surprising was seeing everything together for the first time and realizing it all goes together. I’m loving the overall effect, and that’s very very important. So yeah, I have to say I’m very happy right now. I can’t wait for people to come see the show!

This, by the way, is in stark contrast to how I was feeling yesterday, when I even contemplated running away. I kept telling John that he’s in trouble because I invited all these people to his house and was probably gonna run off to Spain and let him deal with them. I also told him I was toying with the idea of not putting any art up at all and leaving all the walls empty. Minimalism. Has any Escapist done such a show? Of course, this is typical banter for John and me. We laugh a lot. But there was something to it. Y’all, I was really scared! Not just of the hanging process (which I couldn’t have done without my friends!) but of the show itself. What if the paintings sucked, both individually and put together? What if this was simply not my best work? What if it wasn’t good work at all?

Now that it’s all on the walls those fears are gone. I do like the paintings and I do feel that I identify strongly with them. I’m really really happy with this show. I can’t wait for everyone to come see it!