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The morning started off well: strong Turkish coffee, friends offering help with the lights, and me realizing that the store that sells the bulbs and fixtures is right next to a bakery my new friend recommended yesterday. So, I might not have been able to get all the lighting supplies I need (they had to order them and I’m picking them up tomorrow), but I did get a delicious focaccia. Then my friend Rachel and I managed, after several mishaps that didn’t seem funny at the time, to point whatever lights were already in the gallery at the actual paintings. And yes, it did make quite a difference!

See, tonight was an important night. Tonight was my evening to present my work to the Monarch Society, a group of people that are vital supporters of the Escapist Mentorship Program. I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months, and they are wonderful people. I definitely wanted to make a good impression and to show them how much I’ve learned and grown.

I’m happy to report that the evening was lovely. We talked and laughed and I even sold a lot of paintings! Oh, and look what John made for the wall in the gallery. I thought that was pretty cool.

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More Previews

Today I got to show the gallery to two very special collectors. I also got to swim in the pool, to cuddle with Bobby and Nancy on the couch in John’s studio, and to have a very lovely long lunch with a fabulous new friend. It was a pretty decadent day, and when in the evening I realized that my lighting in the gallery is not as good as I thought and that I’ll have to fix it tomorrow, at great expense, no less, it seemed like yet another unexpected crisis, one that hit me at a moment when I thought the excruciatingly hard part of the solo show preparation was done. But it’s ok. I’ll get a good night’s sleep, and then I’ll figure out the gallery lights tomorrow.