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I’ve good news: While my voice is not back, my joie de vivre has returned. I’m once again getting excited about stuff, and I’m having fun. Even the not speaking seems to have its charms: I’m paring everything down to essentials.

And so, here’s what’s important: I painted one of my pieces for the Harvey Retrospective Show at Hardy and Nance, the Houston skyline blooming. I also started getting ready for the biggest party ever: John and Ryan’s White Linen Night, which will take place this Saturday. My little power drill and I were busy today wiring new paintings to hang. What’s most important, I was happy doing this. I was really enjoying every moment. See, while getting ready for my solo show, there were whole days when nerves and stress ate away at my joy. That’s not how I want to work as an artist. And today I realized that having done the big show, having jumped through the rings of fire, I’ve acquired enough experience to actually relax and enjoy not just the painting but also the other preparations.

In the evening my friend and I went downtown to see the Lego people. They’re sitting in a park at 1200 Smith Street and you should go see them too. After, we dined at Xochi, splitting two of their Restaurant Week menus and it was so amazing! My friend talked. She had a lot of news to share and I was happy to listen. I typed the occasional question or comment into my phone. We laughed a lot. And then we teared up just a little during dessert because my friend is moving to Colorado and I will miss her. Still. Colorado isn’t all that far away. I’ll soon have two very good friends there so I’ll definitely visit.