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Today I painted a butterfly on a zinnia. It’s inspired by something that happens in the book I’m writing, the Galveston ghost story. I got 2,000 words in today, and for that I an grateful.

Today was also my fellow Escapist Paula Hawkins’ show and it was magical and fun. I wore a 1970s style dress from Tangerine and got to talk to a lot of cool people and even sold some art. Tomorrow I’ll be at the Harvey Retrospective Show at Hardy and Nance and I couldn’t be more excited to be there! It’s been a whole year since the storm, and what a change it’s brought!

3 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. What a lovely swallowtail butterfly! All the butterflies seem drawn to the z

  2. …zinnias. I have a patch of zinnias in front of my kitchen window, which always has an assortment fluttering around and sipping nectar.

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