Hummingbirds and Other Things

Today I tried out the watercolors my friend @gpsart made me last week. They are quite luscious! I painted on Winsor and Newton watercolor paper he gave me, which was also quite a treat. I also went to a dog birthday party at a fun dog park in the Heights with John, Bobby, and Nancy.Continue reading “Hummingbirds and Other Things”

Nancy in Human Form

“You’re a Nancy in human form,” he said. I took that as the highest compliment, because I like Nancy, the English Pointer, very much. Nancy is full of energy, has the silkiest fur, and she will cuddle but won’t kiss. Except she kissed me on two separate occasions and nobody believes me. Anyway, I wasContinue reading “Nancy in Human Form”

Hummingbirds and Large Paintings

A beautiful day with lots of inspiration: The hummingbird is a digital drawing inspired by the Instagram feed of @stephanirae_ who never ceases to amaze me. The big painting was stretched with the help of my artist friend Jill Hakala – the same Jill Hakala who helped me hang my solo show, and who IContinue reading “Hummingbirds and Large Paintings”