Oh, this was magical! Perhaps you think a day spent moving the contents of a very full art studio, mostly in the rain, cannot be so, but magic seeped in like the rainwater, and everything took on a happy, glowing kind of quality. Yes, there was lots of stuff to move, but I took breaksContinue reading “Halloween”

I Love Bobby

Here’s a sketch of Bobby, the English Pointer. I got to see him briefly this evening when I stopped by the gallery to pick up some more of my things and do some light spackling. It turns out I find spackling very zen, even after a long commute and teaching three classes. Also, it turnsContinue reading “I Love Bobby”

The Real Me?

With thanks to Fify Mahoney’s (934 Royal Street, New Orleans) for inspiring me with their posts of fabulous wigs! One day, my friends, one day I will go wig shopping in New Orleans! I suppose I should thank my own subconscious too, though, for concocting a nightmare so surreal I awoke wondering about things. TheContinue reading “The Real Me?”