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Cold Front

I have to say I really don’t like it, that first cold front of the season, the first chilly morning. It comes as quite a shock. It makes me sad, actually. So while most people in this hot climate welcome the change in weather, I tend to feel quite alone in my discomfort. Perhaps it’s part of living here that I’ll never get used to: the shock of sudden cold fronts and the humidity that makes the cold seem so much colder still.

Then again, perhaps I can’t live anywhere else. After all, I’m complaining about weather in the 70s.

What else happened today? I painted this painting of a party. Bobby and Nancy got a bath. Their ears were very cold and very wet afterwards and I felt very bad for them. Also, I started worrying that when the program ends I’ll feel lonely.

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Snow Leopard

Last night I had a dream that Holly was a snow leopard. It was most inconvenient. Not only did I have to keep her from devouring other snow leopards, but I was actually afraid that she would eat me. When I woke up the dream still haunted me. I looked it up. Apparently seeing a snow leopard in one’s dream means that you are who you are and nobody can change you from your true self. I like that. And I feel that it’s true. Both Holly and I are who we are and nobody will change either of us. Also, I’m very glad she’s back to her canine form. Snow leopards are beautiful and majestic but quite difficult to keep as pets.