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So I sat in my studio at Sabine Street during the Holiday Art Stroll and painted a unicorn. I love unicorns! I don’t think they’re a fad. Unicorns are part of the zeitgeist.

The Holiday Art Stroll was slow but steady. I met a bunch of new people. I sold some small things. The weather was so lovely today, warm and sunny. I’m hoping it will stay this way for a while.

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Today I taught my last class. It was Marbury v. Madison, which I’ve always loved teaching. Students tried very hard to guess why the Judiciary Act of 1789 was unconstitutional, and there was heated debate. The winners got unicorns, a tiara, and a copy of the Constitution. It was a lot of fun!

I listened to Pachinko by Min Jin Lee on the way there and back. I love this book so much! It’s the saga of a Korean family living in Japan. It’s very beautifully written, heartbreaking at times, and it makes me crave kimchi (because at one point in the story the characters make and sell it). I might have to take a trip to one of my favorite Korean supermarkets tomorrow for lunch!

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I decided that my friend’s picture of cleavage and lemons deserves more than just a sketch, so I painted it on a small wooden panel.

I also delivered my contributions to the Holiday Art Stroll, which is on Friday evening at Sabine Street. And I had a nice, long breakfast with John in which we discussed my plans for the gallery and the business.

In the evening I sat down and wrote three recommendation letters. One is for a former student who is applying for grad school, two are for artist friends who are applying to the Escapist Mentorship Program. They were quite exciting to write!

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So I had gotten used to my dad being downstairs with the lights on and coffee already brewed when I woke up in the mornings. Today downstairs was dark, the dog and I were alone, and I had to make my own coffee. Also, I had to drive to Beaumont. The Elin Hildebrand novel I listened to on Audible (she is my savior for my endless commutes; I’ve listened to nearly all her books) only helped so much. Driving was annoying. Two of my classes were fun, though, and then I met a friend for coffee. I don’t have many friends in Beaumont (…because it’s Beaumont!) but I do have this one I’ve quite neglected since I’ve been so busy with my art stuff lately. I asked if she wanted a lemon. Someone had left lemons in the department kitchen, up for grabs. One of the few good things about Beaumont are its over-productive citrus trees. My friend said she wanted two lemons. I took a picture of her hands holding them, and her cleavage looked quite striking. It ended up being a really cool composition. We joked about what to do when life gives you lemons. Then I had to get back on the road. I luckily only have two trips to Beaumont left. We decided to make at least one of them memorable.

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Barbara’s Pearls Revisited

Today I drove my dad to the airport. His visit was way too short! We did, however, for such a short visit, accomplish a whole lot of stuff, from the trip to West Texas with all of its adventures, to moving things around in the home and gallery, to buying a laptop and printer and setting them up, and then some!

It was a short visit but a good one, and now the house seems very empty and my little dog is sad. It’s so weird that we live such a distance apart. It’s a strange life in a strange world. But let’s not get too melancholic. Hopefully, despite the long flight, he will come back soon.

For the rest of the day I added things to my online store and put some on sale, only for tonight (!), edited my artist bio and made copies of it (it’s so nice to finally have a printer/copier!), and painted Barbara Bush’s pearls for a friend. Tomorrow I have to drive to Beaumont, which seems almost as surreal as my dad flying back to Europe, but at least I’ll have Barbara’s pearls with me.

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Living Dangerously

So I finally bought a laptop (I didn’t have one of my own, and will have to give the old bulky Dell that keeps crashing back to the university next month), and also a good quality printer/copier – something I’ve wanted for a very long time. Perhaps you don’t think that’s living dangerously, but I bought these items during Mercury Retrograde, when technology tends to have frustrating mishaps, and set them up with my dad – an adventurous proposition in the first place, as neither of us is very patient.

Also, there was romaine lettuce in my Vietnamese noodles. So there, I’ve really gone out on a limb today.

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Soft Opening

I did it! I had my first event in the new gallery space! It was really fun! My friend who makes jewelry (see @lilliane_elysian) was my featured artist, and together with a few other friends who came and showed support she helped me get over being nervous and actually feel relaxed enough to have fun.

Also, I wore the Chanel skirt (which is so beautiful) and I felt very lucky. I’m definitely having the time of my life, doing art, having my own business, living in Houston, and wearing Chanel. πŸ˜‰ Also, I have a really good group of people in my life right now – lots of good energy, lots of support. I feel like this is an exciting new beginning!

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A Chanel Skirt and a Small Tree

Another great day! We got the dog back from boarding. I was so happy to see her! I missed her! Also got an amazing gift from my fabulous and very fashionable friend: a Chanel skirt! The real deal! Classic black and white pleated tweed. It couldn’t be lovelier! I will wear it for my Small Business Saturday event in my new gallery tomorrow. I think it’s quite fitting, as so many of my paintings are inspired by Chanel mannequins.

Also, I got a small Christmas tree, and that makes me very happy. But the best moment of the day was taking my dad to John and Ryan’s this afternoon so he could meet them. You know that happy feeling when your favorite people meet and like each other? It was pretty special. And I also got to love on Nancy and Bobby, which was pretty special too.

I forgot to take an after- picture of the floor of my studio when I moved out, but I got to take one today.

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In which I had a really fun day cooking. Y’all it’s been years since I last hosted Thanksgiving! It was nice to do this in my new home. I was afraid dad might get bored, as I don’t really share cooking duties, but he ended up having fun, and so did the friends who came for dinner.

Tomorrow I’m going to get my dog back from boarding and I’m very very thankful for that!

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Lovely Birds

Back in a Houston after some pretty heavy traffic. We are so tired! Highlight of my day, though, was doing an install of a painting called Raven for a lovely collector who has a lot of lovely birds. I even got to have my picture taken with Joey, the African Grey parrot.

And now it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow I have a Thanksgiving feast to cook! Also, here’s a Thanksgiving-themed passage from Lost Path to Solitude.