Adult Lifejackets – Part 2

It was this time last year that I wrote a blog post entitled Adult Lifejackets, inspired by a Bolivar Ferry crossing. It doesn’t read like such a sad post in retrospect, but I remember feeling real down at the time. I remember sitting in my Beaumont house to write it, the house that was on the market back then and which I was afraid would never sell. I remember being sad, too, about things I’ve since come to accept and move past – which is not to say the sadness is gone, just that it’s manageable. Also, the sadness has been pushed into a corner by many other more life-affirming experiences and emotions. It crawls out every now and then, but it’s got lots of competition for the spotlight. After all, things change. They evolve. And since the time I wrote that post last year, I feel that I have been transformed. Also, I’ve gained perspective: a life jacket might appear to save someone’s life when in fact it could be what’s keeping them from learning how to swim. Sometimes it’s safer and saner to break free.

2 thoughts on “Adult Lifejackets – Part 2

  1. E, I always enjoy it when you include shot of Galveston! Its like a wee visit to my old home.
    You’ve certainly had quite a transformation, a metamorphosis, since a year ago. The Escapist Mentorship program was life altering, huh?

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