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Open Studios at Sabine Street

Today was second Saturday Open Studios at Sabine Street Studios, and it was a really fun event. I think our building is filling up and becoming pretty awesome. Also, I was happy to get a lot of painting done. Meanwhile, the friends who were staying with me sent me a surprise picture of my dog lurking among the pile of clothes I had tried on and discarded on the chair in my bedroom (disclaimer: there is always such a pile of clothes in my room). The only fly in the ointment is the weather has suddenly gotten very very cold, and it’s supposed to stay like this for a while. Definitely not my favorite. I’m still hoping it might change before my West Texas trip.

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New Projects, New Ideas

Today I started working on a series of 5 10×10 acrylic on wood paintings that will be displayed at the Holiday Art Stroll at Sabine Street Studios on November 30th (5-9pm). I’m excited about this project, just like I’m excited to be more active at Sabine Street now that the Escapist Mentorship Program is over and I have more time and energy.

Also, my friend is here from Colorado, and we had quite a lovely day today. We went to Local Foods for lunch, which is one of the places she missed in Houston, also she helped me pick out lights from my gallery at Home Depot. It’s starting to really come together!

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Getting Ready

I’ve started getting ready for my trip to West Texas. Which means that in addition to jeans and new tires, I’ve now bought two blocks of watercolor paper and advertised to my collectors that I’ll be doing ten very special watercolor commissions on the road – in fact, I only have three left, so things are looking up. I’ve also made some progress with organizing the gallery. And I snuck in an Indian lunch at Bombay Sweets, my favorite place. It felt weird going there without Lily. Also, the Indian auntie that’s usually behind the register was not there. I figured it was because of Diwali, and the cashier confirmed she’d taken time off for the holiday.

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Adult Lifejackets – Part 2

It was this time last year that I wrote a blog post entitled Adult Lifejackets, inspired by a Bolivar Ferry crossing. It doesn’t read like such a sad post in retrospect, but I remember feeling real down at the time. I remember sitting in my Beaumont house to write it, the house that was on the market back then and which I was afraid would never sell. I remember being sad, too, about things I’ve since come to accept and move past – which is not to say the sadness is gone, just that it’s manageable. Also, the sadness has been pushed into a corner by many other more life-affirming experiences and emotions. It crawls out every now and then, but it’s got lots of competition for the spotlight. After all, things change. They evolve. And since the time I wrote that post last year, I feel that I have been transformed. Also, I’ve gained perspective: a life jacket might appear to save someone’s life when in fact it could be what’s keeping them from learning how to swim. Sometimes it’s safer and saner to break free.

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Why Did the Cow Cross the Road?

This drawing is inspired by a picture posted by a friend who’s visiting India. I liked it a lot because of the cow, but I also figured it’ll make me feel better about anything I encountered in traffic today as I drove to Beaumont.

Also, I’ve made more improvements to the blog today. I’ve finally added links to my books, and also to prints and other products. I’ve also finally learned how to create an archive, something I’ve wanted for a very long time. So, here’s hoping! You might be able to see more improvements soon!

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Skinny Jeans and Brand New Tires

The things I did today! Most importantly I took my car for a full service appointment, complete with tire alignment, and I ended up buying her two brand new tires. Turns out her old ones were pretty worn, and she definitely needs good shoes for her excursion to West Texas!

Later in the afternoon I drove to the Island where I visited with my friend at Island Music, where he even has one of my old paintings from six years ago, when I was painting mostly fish. We walked around, saw the pelicans, and I ended up buying a nice pair of skinny jeans at a Tangerine. I figured, if I outfitted the car with brand new tires for our upcoming adventure, I might as well also get something nice for myself for the trip.

In another effort to be productive, I emailed my mailing list and invited them to Open Studios at Sabine Street this Saturday. I even dug through my watercolor piles to find some Holiday-themed ones, including Christmas cards I made last year. So here’s hoping I get a good crowd!

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Today I painted a little bat because I love them. It’s 8×8 inches, acrylic on wood, and costs $100.

I also did a lot more in the gallery, hung a lot more paintings, and got almost everything off the floor. I still have so much more to do, and I’m afraid the biggest dog in the universe was not happy with me at all. She hated all the banging on the walls, but hopefully having access to a window where she can bark at passerby on the sidewalk to her little heart’s delight will make up for some of the inconvenience of being a gallery dog.

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A good day. Spent some time in my art studio at Sabine Street, also spent some time with a friend. We went to a Dia de los Muertos festival at the Museum of Fine Arts. I love that space! We spent a lot of time talking too. By the time I got back home to my dog I was tired but happy.

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A Day in the Life

I know a lot of my blog posts recently start this way (and I’m so grateful for it!) but today has been a wonderful day! I started off with drinking coffee in bed after walking my little dog, and making a few useful phone calls. I purchased insurance for my new gallery space! It was completely awesome and empowering, especially since the person at the other end of the line was a woman who was excited about me starting my own business!

Then I emailed some of my VIP collectors about my new space and some of my plans for the future – including my upcoming road trip to West Texas. Finally, I hung some of my paintings in the new gallery space. This was so exciting! Can’t wait to hang more tomorrow!

Afterwards I went to John’s and finished painting my studio upstairs in the Chrysalis. It took a lot longer than I thought, but ended up looking really good. And so, it’s the end of an era. And the beginning of something new.

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Tired post-move but very very happy. The City of a Houston has already hung and lit big Christmas ornaments outside my door. I kinda like them. Even my 200-mile commute didn’t bring me down. My students, for the first time in many election years, didn’t act bored when I told them it was essential for young people to vote. They seemed enthusiastic. I guess I will be ending my teaching career on a high note. Good kids! Perhaps there’s hope for us all.

Back in a Houston, I returned to chaos. Paintings and art supplies everywhere. It made me happy to realize that moving my art studio was more complicated than moving my apartment. I decided my resolution is to have more art stuff than personal effects. I shared that with John, who said it was a good resolution. Also, I drew a buffalo. I don’t know why, except I kinda like them.

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