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Palm Tree

I see this palm tree every morning on my walk with the dog and I really like it. Other than that, though, I can’t say this has been a great day. Perhaps I just get miserable when the weather turns cold, or perhaps I’m just stressed about the many things I have to do. Well, at least I got two of them out of the way: I opened a bank account for my new LLC, and I finally finally finally uploaded the edited Lone Wolf manuscript to Amazon. Both Kindle version and paperback should be coming soon. Which feels like a weight has been lifted, but still… I think I ate too much chocolate today and too many pretzels (cold weather makes me hungry!) and I’m feeling like everything is a little out of whack. Perhaps I’ll sleep well and tomorrow will be better. I’ll probably wake up excited about my new book!

4 thoughts on “Palm Tree

  1. I get the same way and totally thing the combo of too much and too cold play a part. I’m still waiting for that good night of sleep and waking rested and ready to go. Let me know if you find it! Love the palm!

    1. OH! And congratulations on your new book! Can’t wait!

      1. Thank you!!! I’m glad it’s finally ready to meet readers!

  2. Love it! Reminds me of California. 🙂

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