Everybody Loves Citrus Season

The inspiration for these adorable goats comes from Redwood Hill Farm. I love goats so much, so when I saw the picture they posted, I couldn’t help myself. Today it was cold again and drizzly. I went to the post office to mail out the invitations for my very exclusive special project. I also revisitedContinue reading “Everybody Loves Citrus Season”

Sea Turtles and Other Important Matters

Today I drew sea turtles. It was a weird kind of day, rainy and damp but not cold. I finally got the oil changed in my car. I also experienced a series of small inconveniences – locking myself out of my apartment, buying the wrong product at the store, getting stuck waiting for a veryContinue reading “Sea Turtles and Other Important Matters”

A Glass Full of Sunshine

The experiment of me painting in my upstairs room continues. Today my inspiration came from my friend at The Amsterdamian, who recently traveled to Malaga and posted some really beautiful pictures. I’m not sure yet how I feel about the painting or about working upstairs instead of in my studio. There were moments when IContinue reading “A Glass Full of Sunshine”