Keys and Such

I usually tend to really freak out before a big trip but today I managed to actually have a nice day. I got to see three people who are very special to me, and although one would think so much social interaction might get in the way of packing and preparing it actually kept meContinue reading “Keys and Such”

What Have We Learned about Bluebonnets?

This morning we awoke in Bandera to roosters crowing. We took a long, leisurely walk, found a taco place for breakfast, purchased a vintage belt buckle, visited the old Catholic church, then finally got on our way to look for the ever elusive bluebonnets. We found some, though never a whole field like I’d hoped.Continue reading “What Have We Learned about Bluebonnets?”

Off on a Bluebonnet Adventure

Today Holly and I drove to Austin. With the wildflowers in bloom, and the trees coming back to life, it was such an amazingly beautiful drive. There were patches of blue, orange, and yellow so intense blooming just off the side of the interstate I would have stopped if I could. Though tomorrow we areContinue reading “Off on a Bluebonnet Adventure”