Aphrodite Eating Crawfish

Sometimes I come across a picture so fabulous I just have to paint it. The one that inspired today’s painting features one of the most fabulous ladies I know, eating crawfish with so much gusto that it made me crave them – although I don’t even care for them so much. So there she was,Continue reading “Aphrodite Eating Crawfish”

Jasmine and Chocolate Cake

I feel so much better today than yesterday. I seem to be settling into a nice routine which includes consistently working on the novel. I’ve reached a part that deals with jasmine and chocolate cake, also a mysterious rosary buried in the yard. The writing made me feel better, but other things started happening asContinue reading “Jasmine and Chocolate Cake”

In Which I Solve All My Problems

Today I took the car for its yearly inspection, and while waiting I walked to the Galleria and bought two very spectacular and much needed skirts. This was a bit frivolous, I’ll admit, but after going through all my clothes Marie-Kondo-style and setting aside several bags of things that no longer spark joy for Goodwill,Continue reading “In Which I Solve All My Problems”