Vertical City

What do you do when you see a particularly well-coiffed poodle? 🐩 Obviously you discreetly take a picture so you can sketch it later. Other highlights of my day: Finally writing some description of the Island into the Galveston manuscript, ordering art supplies so I can make more red and gold stuff, working out, ofContinue reading “Vertical City”

The Platform – Anniversary

July 27 marks the one-year anniversary of my Escapist solo show, The Platform. It also happens to be the 14-year anniversary of my Ph.D. dissertation defense (no, I’m not kidding!) and what’s really magical about it is that as I’m sitting here writing this, the dog portrait commission I painted for my dissertation advisor isContinue reading “The Platform – Anniversary”

Book Fairies and Other Magical Creatures

A lot happened today: I finally swam in the giant lap pool at the Y (not before I did my elliptical workout though) and it was quite refreshing and lovely! I also sold a painting I’d painted for my solo show last year (I only have 4 left out of the 46, so I thinkContinue reading “Book Fairies and Other Magical Creatures”