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Mary Star of the Sea

I always look for the statue of Mary Star of the Sea when I go to Galveston. Standing on top of the Basilica, she’s a symbol of Island survival. In fact, they say that as long as Mary stands proud, the Island won’t go under. This superstition has even made it into my new manuscript.

But last week I noticed Mary was absent. The spire stood empty, which was upsetting in more ways than one. The friend and collector I had lunch with told me she was being restored. After all, she’s been standing up there since 1848. She was due some TLC. Still, a little voice inside me protested: Couldn’t they restore her once hurricane season’s over? Who’s going to protect us in her absence?

Three different friends texted me today to report on her whereabouts. It turns out one can actually visit her in the church parking lot until October 6th, and I think I will go. In the meantime I painted her. She does, of course, go very well with my large Storm Survivor painting.

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The Unveiling

Today’s unveiling of Storm Survivor was quite magical! I’m so thankful for all the wonderful friends and collectors who were there. I will post more images in the days to follow, but here are some of the first few taken after I unveiled it! There is a video too with lots of sounds of seagulls which I played for my guests, and which is now on YouTube so everyone can watch it!

Also, my lucky lizard is back this evening, sleeping on his leaf by the kitchen door and I’m so happy to see him.

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Today I started working on a dragonfly painting for a very special little girl who is a Taurus like me! I also got to install some of my works (including the dragon scales!) in their new home, and got to visit with Rocky, one of the canine superstars of my Dog Days of Summer series. I also had a special gallery visit and a sold a painting. And I made a video for the Storm Survivor piece I’m unveiling tomorrow! It’s been a busy busy day, but a very good one, and in the evening my friend and I had several delicious tacos and one very small but incredibly tasty tamal at Hugo’s. We talked about travel and about many other things. And my youngest collector was there too to mimic my gestures and make me laugh.

When I returned home the lizard was once again resting on the same leaf in my lemon tree. That made me happy.

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Dragon Scales

Remember when I looked up #DragonScales on Instagram and images of Casa Batlló popped up? Well, I had to paint it today. Love me some dragon scales!

It was a truly magical day! MoNique LeRoux came by to hang the painting I bought from her solo show. It’s so beautiful! You can see Holly absolutely mesmerized by it in the picture below. We had such a fun time!

A few other good things happened today. Connections, conversations, inspiration. Also, there’s a tiny lizard who sleeps at night on one of the leaves of my lemon tree and he’s the cutest thing ever.

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From Pelicans to Turkish Carpets

From pelicans to Turkish carpets, this day held everything. A quick trip to Galveston Island with my collectors and good friends was absolutely lovely. They even bought me a bouquet of wildflowers from Moon Dog Farms, as well as a scrumptious lunch at Katie’s Seafood House – the new restaurant adjacent to Katie’s Seafood Market, where the fish is so fresh they’ll tell you what boat it came off that day. I also got new Melissa shoes at Tangerine, a new skirt, and a new book on the Kempner family which I will read for research.

You might wonder where the Turkish carpets came into play. That was later, in Houston, and quite a different story.

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Rocking Horse

My friend sent me this picture of a special artifact she came across on a trip to Mexico – a rocking horse. She knew I’d love it because I’m obsessed with carousel horses. Of course I had to paint it.

Today was full of good energy. I worked out, talked to friends, ate (mostly) healthy food, and in the evening I got to go to a small gathering at John and Ryan’s, which was very nice.

Also, I was invited to paint live at the upcoming HEART Gala! I’m so excited! This is for a really good cause, so y’all might want to get tickets!

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How to Make a Unicorn

First I drew the unicorn on paper. Then I painted a background for her on a small wood panel. Then I painted the unicorn making sure she’s colorful and sparkly. Then I cut her out with teeny tiny scissors. Tomorrow I will apply her onto the background I made for her. Ta-da!

In other news, I rescued a tiny gecko out of the pool, and on our evening walk Holly and I saw the night heron. Holly wanted to chase him and he flew away. He really has the most amazing wingspan.

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Hello, Fall!

Today after the gym I went to HEB and there I bought a pumpkin spice candle. I also found artichokes, and artichokes are everything! I realized I’m actually happy that fall is here. How can I not welcome pumpkin spice candles and lovely artichokes? The candle spread its warm fragrance while I worked on this watercolor of the two little boys who traveled with us to College Station earlier this month. Later I boiled the artichokes and ate two. I walked the dog and the night heron was nowhere in sight. But I know he’s around and that’s what matters. I suppose at some point he’ll fly away and spend winter in a warmer climate. I wonder where he goes. As for me, I’m full of inspiration these days! I’m already thinking about what I want to paint tomorrow!

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In which my life seems full to the point of bursting, and my friend and I go out and have lots of fun, ending up on the patio at Caracol eating tacos de langosta. Though we liked the tuna ones even better.

Also, I sold this magical painting. It was originally intended to look like a swimming pool, but it also looks like the scales of a dragon. Fun fact: If you look up #scalesofadragon on Instagram you’ll see pictures of Casa Batlló. And that made me very happy and made things come full circle for me somehow this weekend, as the collector who bought my painting of the Barcelona Cathedral yesterday also owns two of my Casa Batlló paintings from 2013. I’m proud to be a purveyor of dragon scales. And other magical items.

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An old friend came by today, a friend from a previous life. He brought me pink roses and we had a fun time visiting. He had good news to share about his life, and I had good news to share about mine. He bought a painting of the ceiling of the cathedral in Barcelona, a place we visited together a long time ago.

I also got to experiment with some oil sticks, but it was a stolen moment, nothing more, because my day was very busy and pretty much was bursting at the seams with fun! In the evening I went to Collectors’ Night at John’s and that was, in the words of the artist himself, very VIP.