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Virgen de Guadalupe

Today I felt very inspired to paint the Virgin of Guadalupe. I decided I needed to do it, although I had an ambitious day planned, with getting ready for tonight’s party, a workout, and other errands. In the end I decided to run the errands tomorrow, and to work out tomorrow too. Instead I painted the Virgin and I made an altar for the dead. I found pictures of loved ones who have passed away, and chose some of their favorite treats (red wine, coffee, some art they would have loved), decorated the table with marigolds and candles, placed pan de muertos on my favorite tray. I hung the Virgin just above, then proceeded to make the pizza spider (sans parmesan cheese or an egg wash, because, oh well…), the dead person, and some other stuff. The party ended up being a lot of fun! I can’t even describe it as I’m still basking in the afterglow of just how fun it was. And guess what? The Virgin of Guadalupe painting sold right away! I guess I need to make more of her. Or simply blow my errands whenever I feel inspired to make stuff – which I do anyway. Perhaps I’m on the right track.

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Boston Terrier Calavera

Halloween is tomorrow and I am making a pizza spider with red dipping sauce, a dead person out of vegetables, a ghost marshmallow dip, and then some. I also bought pan de muerto at HEB, and obviously candy. I’ve set up a nightmare-themed show in the gallery, and a silent auction upstairs. I’m pretty excited, as Halloween is truly a magical time, and I love celebrating it, love the whole veil between life and death being thin, the idea of life and death being so intertwined. I’m afraid it’s going to be very cold tomorrow – this I am not looking forward to. I don’t know if the dead feel as playful when it’s cold out, but hopefully the ofrendas will entice them to come be close to us while we think of them. Hopefully some of them will watch over me as I bake the pizza spider – it’s quite a production and I hope not to mess up its many legs. I already forgot to buy the parmesan cheese that is supposed to make the legs look hairy. Would a non-hairy spider still be acceptable?

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Then There Were Four

Today I made more vintage carousel horses because the world needs more of them. I also found out there is a carousel in Galveston on the Pleasure Pier. I can’t believe I didn’t know that! Now I want to go to the Island even more…

All in all, I had a good day today. I got my workout in, which always makes me happy, I had some great communication with my collectors as I’m getting ready for the Holiday Season, and overall just felt like I was back to my easy breezy self, after the new moon had caused some inner turmoil for the past few days.

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A Different Kind of Carousel Horse

Today I painted a different kind of carousel horse on a small panel. I also took a walk around the Memorial Park loop, which was very nice. As far as Mondays go, it was a pretty good one, although some kind of discontent did creep in at times. I thought a lot about missing the Island, mostly because the weather is so nice right now, but whenever I think of spending a few days there, I usually end up talking myself out if it, the logistics just seem overwhelming.

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Adding Color

Today I added color to Alexander Ross’ little friends, and prepared the wood panels I will apply them to. I also had a three-hour lunch with my friend Paula Hawkins who always makes me feel better about life and art and making a living making art. I delivered the painting she bought from me, the abstract beauty below. And I had a sudden burst of inspiration. I decided to upload the professional picture my photographer friend took of Alexander Ross onto my Society6 page, and guess what? The results are nothing short of magical. You can now have Alexander Ross wallpaper among many other things. Check out my new products! I so love them!

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We All Need Friends

We all need friends, so today I decided to make some little friends for Alexander Ross. They will each get their own wood panel, of course.

In the afternoon I got to go to a wedding that was in the most beautiful fairytale setting, in a restaurant here in Houston I didn’t even know existed. My favorite little redhead came down from Tennessee for the wedding, and I got to see her, if ever so briefly. She brought me a little giraffe. She says she always thinks of me when she sees giraffes. Also, I made friends with a beautiful girl in a mink coat and invited her to my gallery.

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Different Shades of Holly Golightly

So the weather did something cruel, and inflicted upon us a day that felt like winter. It’s well known that these things make me sad, and even my feisty little dog turns melancholic on such occasions. It’s also well known that such weather usually doesn’t last long in our part of the world, so here’s hoping. All I could bring myself to draw today was my dog’s sad little face.

In the evening I turned myself into Holly Golightly for my friend’s Halloween party. The party was fun. Everyone was in costume, and there was really good Mexican food. Also, little chocolate cakes of which I ate two. Nobody gave me fifty dollars for the powder room. John gave me a quarter. Then I returned home to Holly Golightly the dog, who still seems a bit sad and is currently hiding under the duvet. Let’s hope tomorrow the sun comes out again.

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Magical Things

I started working on a series of unbelievably cute small paintings for the Holiday Season. This will become one of them, once I add color, then apply it to a 10×10 wood panel.

Today the weather was beautiful and I did all kinds of fun stuff, even lunch outdoors with my friend, then a poetry reading at Kaboom Books in the Heights in the evening. Tomorrow I’m going to a costume party. That should be fun!

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Nostalgia for the Cemetery

All the Dia de los Muertos inspired posts on social media are making me nostalgic for the beautiful cemetery in Craiova, the one by the park, where I used to hang out with my uncle as a child, looking at the various monuments. Now I tend to go with one of my aunts or with a friend, and we have plenty of dead people to visit. You could say that every day is Dia de los Muertos in Craiova – or at the very least that death is ever present in daily life there. The cemetery is lit up with candles often, sometimes so many candles that it looks absolutely stunning at night, offerings for the dead are very common, as is planning elaborate funerals, or having conversations with the dearly departed.

Today I remembered one of my favorite watercolors – the cemetery in early evening – and decided to recreate it on a larger scale. It was a cool thing to work on, as it was mainly about light. Especially creating the warm light of the candles is very satisfying.