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Neo Baroque

I’d totally forgotten this term. I learned it from a literature professor years ago, and I might be misusing it, but the way she explained it it was a mixture of styles in art and literature, an exuberant and rather life-affirming current following postmodernism. I think that’s the terminology I’d use to describe Feliz Interiors, and how my carousel horses fit in there. I visited them today, and it was so exciting to see them! I also brought some framed watercolors, which were an exciting element to add to the eclectic and colorful offerings of the store.

Tonight I also hosted my very first painting lesson with a collector who is very special to me. We talked a lot and had a lot of fun, and I love the ways in which she explored different types of paint and different surfaces.

My drawing today is pretty random, something I saw on Instagram, the image of a pretty girl with sunglasses wearing a Romanian blouse in Parc Guell.

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Les Deux Magots

Tonight I felt like doing a quick sketch of one of the most iconic Paris cafés, Les Deux Magots. I saw a picture of it on Instagram that inspired me, and it was good to find inspiration to draw after a very full day. Tomorrow I have all kinds of plans – including an art lesson with a collector who’s really special to me. It will be my very first art lesson and I’m both excited about it and curious to see how it will turn out!

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Blue Grackle

Today was better than yesterday, though some things were quite irksome. Still, I enjoyed a good workout, and even took some time in the evening to make roast veggie and turkey lasagna. I also rescued a tiny lizard from my kitchen – he almost drowned in the sink – and witnessed in awe how the new bloom on my orchid opened up. In retrospect it’s actually been a pretty nice day, and I have a few fun events to look forward to over the next few days as well, including lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and a costume dinner party for which my wig just arrived.

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Dogs Always

Today I got to paint a dog portrait, and I want to use this opportunity to remind y’all that I never say no to these, even if I’m currently promoting house portraits or other commissions. The dog portrait was pretty much the highlight of my day. Other than that it was a bit of a strange day. I was tired after my weekend of intense partying, and the full moon made me feel slow and heavy. It was a good day for yin yoga, but not really for much else. Still, things are good and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling lighter. My lucky lizard is curled up for the night on his favorite leaf, the moon in the sky is huge, and my orchid is about to open a new blossom. I’m quite entranced by her, she’s a real beauty, and quite magical.

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Today was the graduation brunch for the 2019 Escapists. It was so much fun, such a wonderful celebration! I feel like I’ve been smiling all day, also visiting with some of my favorite people, eating good food, and doing some of my favorite things, such as lighting candles on the steps that lead to John’s studio – something that always makes me happy, part of the ritual of preparing for the epic parties my mentors throw.

The weather has also been absolutely beautiful. My lucky lizard, after two nights of hiding from the cold, has returned to sleeping in the lemon tree. Holly and I walked the Tranquility Trail in the early evening, something we haven’t done for a long time. As to painting, I felt like doing another abstract piece, one that’s colorful and exuberant like my mood today.

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It’s a Charmed Life

Today was such a great day – starting with a birthday party for my youngest collector who is now eight years old, to the fabulous formal gala thrown by my mentors to celebrate the graduation of another cohort of Escapist artists! It occurred to me this afternoon, while I was painting carousel horses, that I truly live a charmed life. It’s amazing that I get to do what I do and have this much fun every day! And I’m so thankful to my mentors for teaching me the business skills I need in order to thrive, and to all the collectors who have supported me! I was so excited to be at the gala, this year as a guest. My top collectors had the VIP table, which was unbelievably special, and they invited me and my friend to sit with them. It was very exciting and very special, and there was a wonderful surprise for me when I got to the table: Alexander Ross, the vintage carousel horse, was the centerpiece! I was so happy that John put him there for me to enjoy, it made me feel very special.

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Getting Ready for the Party

Tomorrow is the black tie gala at John and Ryan’s and I’m so excited! Last year this was quite a production, and it made quite an impression on me. In fact, I had a dream about the gala last night. This morning I looked through my pictures and found a picture from last year’s black tie, or rather the preparations for it, a picture I snapped while lighting candles on the stairs leading to John’s studio. I was wearing my sequin dress from Tootsie’s and my Wonder Woman shoes. I love those moments before a party, the lighting of candles, the excitement of knowing people are coming. Tomorrow I’m wearing a very different dress, and it will all be different because I won’t be graduating nor selling art. Last year I sold a ton as people took a lot of interest in my graduation exhibit. It was overwhelming in the best possible way. Tomorrow it won’t be about that, just about having fun and supporting the new graduates. It feels a bit like the day before Christmas. Even the weather obliged and turned suddenly chilly. Normally I don’t welcome the first cold front. I get a little bummed at the beginning of the long boring season when humans have to wear socks. But today the crispness had a certain magic quality to it. Maybe because I’m anticipating the gala. Or maybe because I’m really loving my new display of frames. Maybe because I’m overall in a good place and interesting things keep happening. I’m starting to think that even three whole months of having to wear socks won’t be that bad. At least in Texas we don’t need socks every day. I’m still hoping to wear my Wonder Woman shoes tomorrow.

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Frames and Roses

Today I became absolutely obsessed with my framing project. It took on a certain magical quality – an altar full of symbols. I’ve always wanted one, and it will be perfect for Halloween!

There was one tiny frame for which I couldn’t find a watercolor, a round, really ornate frame. I ended up painting roses to go in it. In the end, I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I can’t wait for people to come over and see this, to pick from the table of framed watercolors, a symbol or an omen that might be meaningful to them, and bring them luck.

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Gingerbread House

Today I started working on this small gingerbread house painting, because it’s time to advertise my new commissions project which involves a gingerbread house surprise sponsored by my top collector – a real estate agent I highly recommend. My new commissions project involves painting house portraits, and I’d love to do one for you!

It’s been in all respects a really good day, and I’m excited about many things, including the house portraits! Also, as a special good omen, the number of lizards sleeping in my lemon tree has now increased to two. One sleeps with its tail curled up, the other one with its tail hanging. I find this nothing short of magical.