Small Business Saturday Was Amazing!

Best day ever! I wish every day were Small Business Saturday! So many lovely people came by, and the atmosphere was warm and happy with lots of wine and laughter. At some point, however, the biggest dog in the universe decided to make a statement: she demanded I pick her up and she lounged onContinue reading “Small Business Saturday Was Amazing!”

Small Business Saturday – Where to Go in Houston

I love Small Business Saturday aka the Saturday after Thanksgiving when small businesses open their doors to people who wish to support their community by shopping locally! For the second year in a row I’m excited to host this event at my gallery (Sandovici Gallery, 2320 McCue Road #4), but were I not open forContinue reading “Small Business Saturday – Where to Go in Houston”

Shine Through

Thanksgiving Day. I made another abstract painting. I called this one Shine Through. It’s about letting one’s authentic feelings show, not questioning what comes naturally. So much for wondering about having said the right thing, about having said too much or too little, about having worked too hard at something or not having done enough.Continue reading “Shine Through”

Dog v. Gingerbread House

Today a hot new listing hit the Houston real estate market. You might want to contact Bob Pollard to inquire about it. It’s brand new construction and very coveted, especially by a four-pawed little diva who would gladly eat it. You can visit it during Small Business Saturday here at the gallery! Just wait untilContinue reading “Dog v. Gingerbread House”

Christmas Decorations

In which something absolutely magical happens: Two of my most special collectors, who are like family, came over with a ton of beautiful Christmas decorations and gold ribbon and other wonderful things and decorated the two small trees I bought at HEB today, and also my staircase, my front door, and even the chairs aroundContinue reading “Christmas Decorations”