Carousel Giraffe

Today was beyond exciting: A fellow artist from First Saturday Arts Market not only lent me her tent, but set it up for me so that my photographer could take the required booth shot I need to submit in order to apply to Bayou City Art Festival – something that’s been a goal of mine for a long time. The booth shot was an obstacle I found nearly impossible to overcome, something I had an irrational block about, and I feel that, with help from my friends, it has now been removed. The photos below are not the actual booth shot. They’re just photos I took because I loved how my art looked in the booth, and a picture my photographer friend shot of me for fun. Anyway, it all made me think. Perhaps I should do First Saturday Art Market again. Perhaps I should once again buy a tent and do all that. After all, my art is better now and I have a lot more of it. I could have my own booth, no longer share, and go out there and meet new people.

Meanwhile I’ve started working on my 30 carousel horses for the holidays.

2 thoughts on “Carousel Giraffe

  1. Love the pictures. I am so glad you are doing the Bayou City art festival. We volunteer a couple years ago maybe we will volunteer again next March

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