Follow Your Star

Happy Winter Solstice! Stay magical! Follow your star! For me today was a wonderful day! Both my mentors came to my party this evening, and a lot of other wonderful people came too! A whole bunch of stuff happened that was fun and funny. And once again, on the longest night of the year, IContinue reading “Follow Your Star”

Meeting Dr. Carolyn Farb

Something truly magical happened today: My mentor John Ross Palmer introduced me to Dr. Carolyn Farb – one of the most glamorous and celebrated Houston figures, famous for her philanthropy, volunteering, and leadership, as well as for her fabulous sense of style. In case you’re not from Houston, and not familiar with her many accomplishments,Continue reading “Meeting Dr. Carolyn Farb”

An Open House worthy of Miss Vulpe

Something really exciting is on the horizon: I’ve been invited to show my art at an Open House for a mansion worthy of Miss Vulpe! Check out the details below: Also, I’m excited to have my pet portrait project featured in the Heights Pages! Mitch Cohen wrote an article about artists and the causes theyContinue reading “An Open House worthy of Miss Vulpe”

The Dogs with Bagels Book Club

  The first meeting of the Dogs with Bagels book club was a success! We started off with a Facebook live video so that my friend could participate from Thailand. It was my first time ever doing Facebook live and I really liked it! My friend is about a third through Dogs with Bagels andContinue reading “The Dogs with Bagels Book Club”