New Moon in Cancer

Since Cancer season is almost upon us, and the new moon in Cancer might bring about an important energetic shift, a chance for much needed endings and new beginnings, I decided I needed to pay homage to this moody but generous water sign by creating something that involved two levels of water. It ended upContinue reading “New Moon in Cancer”

The Great Escape Artist

I’m very inspired by the story of the octopus who escaped from a New Zealand aquarium and squeezed its large body through a drain pipe making its way to the ocean. Perhaps there’s hope for all of us, and y’all know there are few things I like better than thoughts of escaping. Pandemics and theContinue reading “The Great Escape Artist”

Wedding Portrait

Today I was commissioned to paint a wedding portrait via Facebook Live for one of my favorite collectors, Lauren Waddell, who has supported me and brought only sunshine into my life since I met her two years ago during the Escapist Mentorship Program. Tomorrow is her 10-year wedding anniversary with her husband John, and sheContinue reading “Wedding Portrait”

The Angry Sea – Painting and Video

I’m the first to admit my ideas are sometimes crazy. Painting a giant canvas while being filmed in costume on the hottest day of summer might qualify as one such crazy idea, but it was great fun! Bogdan, who came to film me (check out his other work at Buburuza Productions) was excellent at directingContinue reading “The Angry Sea – Painting and Video”


Today the outpouring of support for my Beach Revue video continued! I’m so lucky to have such awesome collectors and readers! I not only met, but exceeded my goal. And, motivated by all the support, I started preparing for tomorrow’s filming session. A brand new canvas waits on the wall, but other preparations were necessaryContinue reading “Preparations”