Still Abstract

Today I still felt the need to make an abstract painting. I used the same juxtaposition of freedom and geometry, but I used different colors. I also decided it was time to announce something mega exciting I’ve been cooking up: On September 8th, on the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900, for the officialContinue reading “Still Abstract”

Storm of Emotions

I remember how only two years ago, I had such a hard time with abstract art. Now it’s my go-to for whenever I need to process complicated emotions. It feels good to have that outlet, that way to let myself experience my own moods without trying to control the outcome. And I’m glad I’ve gottenContinue reading “Storm of Emotions”

Horse Report

Here’s a little update on my campaign to raise money for the Houston SPCA by selling paperbacks directly through my website. I’m excited that people are actually doing it! I donate $5 for each paperback sold. My goal is to raise $500 by mid-September and so far I have $175, which is at least startingContinue reading “Horse Report”

The Big Stretch

Today I painted this abstract piece that looks like Mardi Gras, trying to send some good energy to Beaumont as it’s about to be hit by a major hurricane. We might have not gotten along, Beaumont and I. Our cohabitation was definitely not meant to last, but I am sending all the good vibes IContinue reading “The Big Stretch”

Hurricane Cake

I’ve decided to start a new tradition. From now on, before hurricanes I will bake a chocolate cake. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it’s something decadent to enjoy if one is reduced to drinking instant coffee. Luckily, after all, it seems Laura will not be paying us a visit. But my house smellsContinue reading “Hurricane Cake”

Are You Happy, Miss Betty?

  As a special treat today, here’s a sample chapter from Storms of Malhado.  Galveston April 1961 – Are You Happy, Miss Betty? Betty knew she shouldn’t smoke, but talking to Cornelius unnerved her. That a young man like him would bear the name Cornelius Swain with such pride was unsettling to her, and not inContinue reading “Are You Happy, Miss Betty?”

Storms of Malhado – Book Club Discussion Questions

As we’re all watching tropical storm Laura, hurricane preparedness has been on my mind. I checked on the neighbor who’s never been through one, ordered flashlights from Amazon Prime, surveyed the shelves full of canned goods I’ve been stockpiling since May, and overall tried not to panic. After all, we don’t even know yet ifContinue reading “Storms of Malhado – Book Club Discussion Questions”

Christmas Llama

Penguins, llamas, polar bears, or bears in hats? It’s what I ask the collectors who bought Christmas boxes, because that’s what’s on the wrapping paper. I personally am partial to the polar bears because they’re just so cute – but really all the designs are adorable and all boxes are full of goodness, though IContinue reading “Christmas Llama”