Tales of the Swamp

I know I’m late to this party, but I finally read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and fell absolutely in love with it. I initially had some resistance to this book, partly because I was afraid its landscape would bring up my own memories of the swamp, incursions into the wilderness that wereContinue reading “Tales of the Swamp”

Sprinkle Fairy Dust

Guess what? All my ten Christmas boxes sold! Immediately! It was so incredibly easy to sell these, that it felt beyond magical. It felt like some sort of positive visualization that actually worked, like I manifested something. Now starts the truly exciting part: getting them to the people who bought them and waiting to seeContinue reading “Sprinkle Fairy Dust”

Stretch Your Limits

Several really cool things happened today. One is that for the first time ever, I stretched a painting all by myself. I used to not have the strength to do this, and it caused me endless grief, especially during the Escapist Mentorship Program when I wanted to stretch and sell some really big paintings butContinue reading “Stretch Your Limits”

A Celebration of Quitting

You know what day it is? The day I would have gone back to school if I were still teaching. I found this out from Facebook. But I’m not going back to school, in the classroom or online, because I quit my tenured job two years ago in order to be a full-time artist andContinue reading “A Celebration of Quitting”

Christmas Boxes 2020

Today the red tissue paper I’d ordered for my Christmas boxes arrived, and I got to work right away. These boxes full of surprises are so much fun! Basically, since Christmas shopping this year will be so different, and people will miss out on the fun of coming to the gallery, I decided to makeContinue reading “Christmas Boxes 2020”

I’ll Miss You, Aimée!

Bittersweet: This morning I finished the sixth draft of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard and sent it off to my editor. I will miss Aimée, but in her own way, she will be with me while I work on my other projects and wait for the editor’s feedback. The thing is I really thinkContinue reading “I’ll Miss You, Aimée!”

I Miss the Frogs

Today John commissioned me to paint one of his tiny frogs. The pink stuff is supposed to be his fingers, to show just how tiny the frog baby is. I miss the frog pond and the general easy vibe of being in the Heights. I spent the day readjusting to being home, also putting someContinue reading “I Miss the Frogs”

Thank You Note from Holly

In which John and Ryan are fixin’a come back home and Holly wrote them a note thanking them for their hospitality but expressing disappointment over not getting to enjoy a violent confrontation with their dogs – whom she’s searched for all over and couldn’t find. We took one more long walk in the Heights andContinue reading “Thank You Note from Holly”