New Horizons

My top collectors are taking a road trip – which today took them to Utah, from where they sent me a picture of great big skies. Meanwhile, here in Houston the weather is beautiful, and I just got the keys to my new house. Which is actually a very old house. “Is it haunted?” IContinue reading “New Horizons”

Hotel Monteleone

It was still cold today, but sunny. I dreamt something good. I don’t remember it now but some of my favorite people were in it. I felt inspired and I finally got back to the manuscript I’ve been neglecting, the one for the sequel to The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. Spoiler alert: I have thisContinue reading “Hotel Monteleone”

The Gala Is Tomorrow!

The Art Launch Gala is tomorrow! The 2020 Escapists are graduating and all of us who have watched their progress couldn’t be more proud of them. The program is really wonderful but it’s very intense even under normal circumstances – think fast pace, steep learning curve, the challenge of overcoming mental blocks, plus actual physicalContinue reading “The Gala Is Tomorrow!”

Layers of Art

We’re getting really close to the Art Launch 2020 Gala, and here is one big reason why you should consider supporting this fundraiser: All the funds go to a program that teaches artists free of charge how to be successful and independent. This has implications way beyond the art world. And while most of usContinue reading “Layers of Art”