Gobble Gobble

In which I cook a huge amount of food and all of it is for me and none of it is for the dog. I also added those very generous gift cards I was talking about the other day to the Kickstarter. Let’s see what happens now!

Time to Up the Ante

I woke up to a new pledge on my Kickstarter campaign. The backer reward chosen was a letter from Marie, Aimée’s sidekick whose murder she tries to outrun. I love that so many people picked that particular reward. It’s one of my favorite ones, especially as the whole book is written from Aimée’s perspective andContinue reading “Time to Up the Ante”

Getting Ready for Small Business Saturday

Today’s painting is a bit of a secret. I decided not to share sneak peeks at my Paris paintings until they’re ready to view in the new gallery. But what I am ready to share is that I’m getting ready for Small Business Saturday and Artist Sunday at my old place in the Galleria, andContinue reading “Getting Ready for Small Business Saturday”