Where’s Bernie?

I don’t usually care for memes, but the Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration ones are pretty funny. I even had to make my own. Other than that, it was a rainy day and I felt a bit lethargic and lost. I made a series of six small abstract paintings, kind of like a prayer forContinue reading “Where’s Bernie?”

In Which an Old House Gives Us Oranges

Today I drove down to Galveston to deliver a dog portrait commission and a bunch of books. Also to hang out with my friend. We had an adventure in mind, which involved a visit to the backyard of a beautiful old house. There we found an ancient orange tree – obviously not as old asContinue reading “In Which an Old House Gives Us Oranges”

A Newfound Empathy for Rats

It’s been a week since the rat poison incident, and I’m grateful that my adventurous little dog is fine. I do, after all the research I’ve conducted on the possible effects of the poison, have a newfound empathy for rats. Though, frankly, I’ve always liked these sparkly eyed creatures and never understood why humans areContinue reading “A Newfound Empathy for Rats”