Vintage Carousel and Sunshine

Made a lot of progress on Matilda today. In fact, I think she’s almost finished. I also got my groceries delivered and was especially excited to have corn tortillas. I love corn tortillas so much! Other than that I wrote, read, kept the dog alive, and enjoyed the leftovers of my sourdough bread – andContinue reading “Vintage Carousel and Sunshine”

Matilda Needs a Friend

Today I painted a little friend for Matilda, or rather just his backside. Carousel horses don’t get Coronavirus so they don’t need to practice social distancing. Meanwhile, for us humans in isolation, I have a new commissions opportunity. I’d love to paint some of the milestones and special events people are missing right now, andContinue reading “Matilda Needs a Friend”

Stay Home and Do Your Homework

Today I painted Matilda’s front hooves. I’m very proud she has hooves now, and I like them very much. I also did a lot of stuff related to book promotion. It’s like homework really. Trying to find out how best to go about it, sending emails, filling out online forms, all that. Reviews have alsoContinue reading “Stay Home and Do Your Homework”

Is it True about the Horses?

I did it, y’all! I published Storms of Malhado! It’s now available on Amazon, and VIP readers will get their copies shortly. Here’s what it’s all about (below). Also, early readers are reporting that they love it, and so far a frequently asked question revolves around the term Malhado. Where does that name come from?Continue reading “Is it True about the Horses?”