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Make Room for the Horses

It’s all coming together: The two horses in my new manuscript, Storms of Malhado, the life-size horse statue I saw in SoHo, even my obsession with Alexander Ross last year. I have an idea for some really large and exciting art that needs to happen here in the gallery over the next two months. And it involves horses! Horses take up a lot of room. I literally need to make room for the horses! I need to either sell or otherwise move into storage about 30 paintings! So stay tuned for some party invites where I’ll explain all about the horse project and offer some sweet deals… Also, if there’s a piece you’ve been coveting, please reach out to me.

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All Things Shiny

Today my friend went back to Austin, and after breakfast with her at Pondicheri, where I hadn’t been in such a long time, I embarked on a new adventure. Time to reveal where I started volunteering: Magpies and Peacocks is a nonprofit that recycles clothing and creates sustainable fashion. They’re housed in a warehouse in EaDo, and that’s where I spent three hours today sorting fabric and talking to a new friend. That’s also where I saw the gold rabbit brooch I just had to paint. I have to say, I love going there, and totally love their mission. So this will be a welcome addition to my life.

Afterwards I worked out at the beautiful YMCA Downtown, which wore me out since I’m a little out of practice, but which gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Then I went home, walked the dog, and formulated a game plan. I have ideas for two really large-scale art projects. I don’t yet want to reveal what these are, as I want to round up my bestest collectors first to let them in on the secret and celebrate with champagne. But it’s something big and exciting that might pose certain logistical issues – which I already know how I might overcome.

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Today my friend arrived from Austin and we went to the Menil together. One of my favorite things we saw was a dragon. It was a little bit of a strange day for me – strange dreams and sleeplessness last night – and I felt a little bit in a haze. Anyway it was a nice day after all, and tomorrow my friend and I are throwing a vintage-themed party that goes with our books, and hopefully that will be fun!

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Big Cats in Love

Today I sold the three paintings below – two of which I took to their new homes. I also discovered the joy of walking my dog in my glamorous silver fox coat on cold mornings. It turns out 42 F in Houston is definitely cold enough for a coat like that, and throwing it on ever so casually over my T-shirt and yoga pants made me feel like a movie star.

I drew a love scene between lions because the Frogs in Love painting below inspired me to look for images of other animals showing affection.

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A lot happened today, including I did a collaboration painting with my mentor John Ross Palmer, wore my Persian Lamb to breakfast at Kenny and Ziggy’s, baked bread, cleaned the gallery, hosted a party, and ended the night talking to three fabulous women – and a small dog – about some of my most exciting future plans.

The dog seems somewhat perplexed. (Look at her face in the picture where she’s looking at the abstract collaboration piece!) But I think she had a good day too.

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Hello, Alexander Ross!

Alexander Ross, Carousel Horse. Ink drawing on paper. 5×7 inches. $50

Today was rainy and I felt sleepy all day. I woke up next to my sweet little dog and I didn’t really want to get out of bed. But really, actually, all in all today was the best day since I got back. I felt sleepy, but more comfortable than I’ve been in days. My sheets were clean, the dog was warm, and the rain outside somehow soothing.

Tonight I had a party to go to at John and Ryan’s, and that made me happy to be back. It was good seeing everyone again, and meeting the new Escapists! Nancy was not in attendance at the party, but John let me sneak in to say a quick hello to her and Bobby. Also, I saw Alexander Ross! Don’t think I’ve forgotten about him!

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Dried Rose

Today was a much better day. I got some work done in the morning, which included scanning yesterday’s rose watercolor to include in my online shop, as well as to create products on my Society6 page. Take a look below to see how pretty these are!And there are more than the ones pictured below! Creating them sure made me feel better.

Afterwards I went to the gym, where I resumed my workout and had fun although I forgot my headphones. And then I went to HEB where I shopped in order to make dinner for my top collectors. I made Argentinian shrimp, and I recreated a sweet potato curry I had at Nix in NYC last week. It turned out pretty good, and we had a nice time, with good conversation and lots of laughs. Now the house smells like rose candles and curry and I’m definitely in a much better mood than I was before. Though I’m still not feeling completely settled or completely comfortable yet.

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I haven’t adjusted to being back yet. I still feel a little bit in a fog and everything seems surreal. Like, why is it so hot and humid? Walking around in sandals this time of year seems a bit strange after my days of wearing fur and boots in NYC.

Anyway, I got some unexpected inspiration today and started thinking that maybe I should make all kinds of pink stuff for Valentine’s Day. Like pink roses, that kind of stuff.

Also, I started obsessively organizing my space. It always hits me when I come back from a trip, just how much stuff I have, and how I most likely don’t need it all. I’ve been organizing and downsizing. All this while being plagued by all sorts of existential questions and my perpetual identity crisis, my perpetual quest for where exactly I belong.

I miss my hotel room in Chinatown.

It wasn’t until later this evening that I realized I forgot to do my blog yesterday. I had drawn something cute – a portrait of my dog. I’d just picked her up in Galveston, and I drew her, then got into bed with every intention of writing a blog post, but I was too tired and it slipped my mind.

Buy Roses – original watercolor. $80

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