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Abstract Carousel Horses

John painted an abstract rendition of Alexander Ross, and it’s so beautiful, totally capturing his essence, that today I just had to try my hand at it as well. It was a beautiful day too, the leaves of the trees shining red against the sunny blue sky. I almost didn’t want to go to the gym because it was too pretty outside. I compromised and went, but parked far enough away so that I could get a good walk. At home I made turkey sandwiches and an assembly line of abstract carousel horses on small wooden panels. I might actually make more of these.

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After the Party

Today, after coffee and some great conversation, my friend left, the portrait of Lucy the cow in tow. I prepared for my first large birthday painting party. This ended up being so much fun! Nine ladies came over, enjoyed food and drinks and a tour of the gallery, played with Holly, and had a fabulous time painting! Some of them even tried acrylic on wood, my favorite medium! One made a delicate watercolor, tracing details and accents in ink and gelly roll pens. One made a golden Eiffel Tower on a pink background. The birthday girl painted a forest. There was a lot of laughter, and good time was had by all.

After the guests left I felt inspired to create an abstract acrylic painting with lots of gold of course. I’ve called it After the Party because one of my favorite happy feelings is that high you get after having hosted a really fun get together. It’s been one of my favorite things for as long as I can remember. My parents used to host quite fabulous parties, and I used to love talking to my mom about the event after everyone went home, while we were putting stuff away. I used to love bringing all the plates and glasses to the kitchen, which my mom always washed that night, no matter how late it was. But my favorite was knowing there would be leftovers to enjoy the next day. I still like leftovers better than freshly cooked food – something about the flavors marinating.

After the Party. 24×30 inches, acrylic and gold watercolor ground on wood panel. $600

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Love Scene

My friends and I had a lot of fun today. There was good food and sunshine and even a little bit of shopping. I think we all needed it. We all needed a break from our routine and a day of leisure. It was good to catch up. All of our lives have changed dramatically in the past few years and we are all much happier now. One of my friends even has a cow called Lucy who’s beautiful beyond words and whom I got to paint today. I think it would be pretty amazing to have a cow. Y’all know how I feel about these lovely creatures!

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Sully at the Plaza

Sully Bush, the amazing service dog who took care of President H.W. Bush through his final days, is in New York, and staying at the Plaza. I learned this from Instagram, where I saw a picture of Sully lounging in his lovely room at the iconic hotel. Of course, I couldn’t resist painting that image! And I was totally excited when Sully liked my painting on Instagram.

“You know the actual dog didn’t like your post, Elena,” John said when I saw him later this evening. John painted Sully too, by the way, as a commission to President Bush. I think that’s pretty amazing!

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Winter Trip to Paris

Photo inspiration @lapresqueparisienne

This was inspired by a photo I found on Instagram – the view from a tiny but cute hotel I once stayed in on a winter trip to Paris. My room was very small but the view of rooftops made it a wonderful place to be. I remember not wanting to leave. Thinking back on that trip always makes me think of Alina, the protagonist of my second novel, Stray Dogs and Lonely Beaches, who takes a similar trip to Paris and stays in a similar room.

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Gingerbread Houses

Today it was cold. And I mean really cold. Like bring your plants inside so they don’t freeze cold. My least favorite kind of weather. Still, I managed to have a great day. In the morning I met with Ryan to talk about how my business did this year and how I can grow next year. Lots of great ideas and inspiration came out of the meeting! I’m very excited about my future plans!

Also, I have found someone I can hire to help me so I can start doing First Saturday Arts Market again in the new year! Things are definitely going to be different if I actually have support.

For some reason today, on the coldest day, perhaps because I was in a great mood, I stopped for a brief moment at the Arboretum. It was so beautiful! I resolve to actually go back and walk when it’s not freezing out! And I made gingerbread house paintings. I will be making more!

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Carousel Giraffe

Today was beyond exciting: A fellow artist from First Saturday Arts Market not only lent me her tent, but set it up for me so that my photographer could take the required booth shot I need to submit in order to apply to Bayou City Art Festival – something that’s been a goal of mine for a long time. The booth shot was an obstacle I found nearly impossible to overcome, something I had an irrational block about, and I feel that, with help from my friends, it has now been removed. The photos below are not the actual booth shot. They’re just photos I took because I loved how my art looked in the booth, and a picture my photographer friend shot of me for fun. Anyway, it all made me think. Perhaps I should do First Saturday Art Market again. Perhaps I should once again buy a tent and do all that. After all, my art is better now and I have a lot more of it. I could have my own booth, no longer share, and go out there and meet new people.

Meanwhile I’ve started working on my 30 carousel horses for the holidays.