Last night I had a horrible dream in which my dog died of a punctured lung. It was awful, but in the light of day I was elated to be awake. My dog, very much alive, and with lungs that appeared to be functioning, was wagging her stump of a tail asking for food, walkies,Continue reading “Energy”

Dirty Hands and Other Fun Things

Today was the unveiling of John Ross Palmer’s Justice series benefiting the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work. It was such a fun event! I had a great time visiting with people, and having work displayed in the gallery below the Escapist studios was wonderful! It gave me the opportunity to talk toContinue reading “Dirty Hands and Other Fun Things”

Beer and Intellectual Conversation

Today a friend said something I found really cool. He said people in Spain don’t go to art shows for the art, they go for the beer and intellectual conversation. Mind you, it sounds cooler in Spanish. Tomar cervezas y intelectualizar. It inspired the painting I was working on while we were talking. It wasContinue reading “Beer and Intellectual Conversation”