The Fly

My friends requested this watercolor of a fly. We have a text group called Exercise Girls, which hasn’t discussed exercise in about three months, but is proving to be very supportive and fun. Today went by pretty fast. I went to see John in the morning, and he taught me some cool tricks for Aimée’sContinue reading “The Fly”

Letters from Aimée

Today the Louisiana commission found its way to the lovely young woman it belongs to, and I was left thinking about my Kickstarter project for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard. The image of the magnolia I painted on the Louisiana watercolor stuck with me, and I envisioned something similar, something beautiful, personal, and uniqueContinue reading “Letters from Aimée”

Study of Blue

Today I worked on this very special bluebonnet commission for a new collector. I also finished another important commission, this watercolor of all things Louisiana. I really love how it turned out! Something else exciting: The website for the 2020 Art Launch Gala is live! The gala will be a virtual one this year, soContinue reading “Study of Blue”

Timeless Elegance

Yesterday’s inspiration continued today. I got to have some very good interactions with some of my favorite glamorous ladies (you know who you are!), including even a masked walk with one of them. And yes, of course, the mask itself can be worn with flair and style. At some point we talked about Jackie O,Continue reading “Timeless Elegance”

So Much Fun!

Today was a day full of serendipity and fun. From a chance encounter at breakfast this morning between my mentor and my new friend and collector who owns a lot of my art, to the nice walk I took with my friend (with masks on, of course!), to this Louisiana commission I’m working on forContinue reading “So Much Fun!”

Reflection of a Dog

There’s a picture I took during a sunset walk on the Island in which a black and white dog casts a really cool reflection in the wet sand. Sometimes when the whole world seems out of whack it’s good to focus on things like that. Today I painted that dog, and that was fun andContinue reading “Reflection of a Dog”

Always Look for Horses

There are old horse posts all over the historic district in Galveston, and there was this particularly beautiful one close to the house we rented. The dog and I went home today, and we left a little gift behind for the owners of the house. Can you guess what? We already miss the whistling birdsContinue reading “Always Look for Horses”

Full Moon on the Island

This year September has two full moons – can there be more of a symbol of things coming full circle, of endings and new beginnings? It was a good day to spend on the Island, awakened by salt air and whistling grackles. It was a good day to walk on the beach twice, absorbing theContinue reading “Full Moon on the Island”