Surviving the full moon madness. Made it to Beaumont bright and early, while my mentor was texting me to remind me of all the fabulous things I was missing in Houston. I liked that. I mean, it’s what a good mentor does. Gives you perspective, and reminds you you have a fabulous new life, evenContinue reading “Fabulous”

My Spirit Bird and the Moon

My friend (@serialcatter on Instagram) took this beautiful picture of my spirit bird with the waxing moon. It really spoke to me. That moon has been affecting me today. It’s got me under its spell! The more it grows, the more I sink into my various states of anxiety. This morning I was having troubleContinue reading “My Spirit Bird and the Moon”

A Butterfly Garden for Betty

Best thing about today: I got to write 1,000 words on my new manuscript. In it, Cornelius takes Betty to a plant nursery and buys everything he needs to build her a butterfly garden. See, Cornelius is a nice guy. There are reasons why Betty likes him. But everything is still complicated between them, asContinue reading “A Butterfly Garden for Betty”