Red Nails

The jasmine by the pool has started blooming filling the world with its sweet scemt. I figured it was time to paint my toenails red and wear my Birkenstocks. It was a beautiful day today. I prepared my studio for the open studio event tomorrow, but I also snuck in all kinds of fun: anContinue reading “Red Nails”

A Butterfly Garden for Betty

Best thing about today: I got to write 1,000 words on my new manuscript. In it, Cornelius takes Betty to a plant nursery and buys everything he needs to build her a butterfly garden. See, Cornelius is a nice guy. There are reasons why Betty likes him. But everything is still complicated between them, asContinue reading “A Butterfly Garden for Betty”

In Which I Have Too Much Fun

And finally a totally enjoyable, completely delicious day in my spring break! I painted and made a mess with my mentor, had lunch with cat lady at Local Foods, and visited the amazing home of Lizzy Hargrove, where we got to meet her wonderful birds. The weather was warm and I was in a happyContinue reading “In Which I Have Too Much Fun”