An old friend came by today, a friend from a previous life. He brought me pink roses and we had a fun time visiting. He had good news to share about his life, and I had good news to share about mine. He bought a painting of the ceiling of the cathedral in Barcelona, aContinue reading “Roses”

Grackles Don’t Mind the Rain

Today the sun came out. There were still some scattered showers in the evening, but we were all able to go to MoNique’s solo show, where she did live fire painting among other things! I also finally got to see my friend who inspired the Betty and Edna story, after several weeks of her beingContinue reading “Grackles Don’t Mind the Rain”

The Horses

“Everyone knows those horses lived,” Gina said. “There’s nothing wrong with them saving their horses.” There’s a story, probably apocryphal, about two horses rescued from the 1900 storm, that keeps coming up in conversations among the characters of my new novel. I really liked inserting that into the manuscript. And the longer I work onContinue reading “The Horses”