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How to Be Friends with a Lizard

Some of y’all already know I’m obsessed with the little lizard that sleeps on the same leaf of my lemon tree every night. I can’t even describe how excited I am to see him there. And yes, I do check. After dark, I open the door and look outside. There he is, always on the same leaf, though his head faces different directions on different nights, and his tail is sometimes curled, sometimes not. I used to take a lot of pictures. It’s hard taking pictures of a tiny lizard sleeping on a tiny leaf, especially in the dark. One night I got too close and scared him. Luckily he came back, and I learned that the best way to be friends with a lizard is to leave him alone.

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In which my life seems full to the point of bursting, and my friend and I go out and have lots of fun, ending up on the patio at Caracol eating tacos de langosta. Though we liked the tuna ones even better.

Also, I sold this magical painting. It was originally intended to look like a swimming pool, but it also looks like the scales of a dragon. Fun fact: If you look up #scalesofadragon on Instagram you’ll see pictures of Casa Batlló. And that made me very happy and made things come full circle for me somehow this weekend, as the collector who bought my painting of the Barcelona Cathedral yesterday also owns two of my Casa Batlló paintings from 2013. I’m proud to be a purveyor of dragon scales. And other magical items.

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Today I drew giraffes because I love these animals, and because I came across an older picture of a baby giraffe at the Houston zoo. Not much else happened. I wrote in the morning, worked out in the afternoon, and scheduled an appointment with BARC for tomorrow so I can bring them the check for the money I raised for them! I’m listening to an audiobook by Terry McMillan that I really liked. I’d forgotten how good she is! And it’s read in her own voice – something I’d never consider doing as an author, but which I find to be such a treat when other authors do it. I also started hanging my new paintings and I’m liking them a lot.