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White Pelican

Today I painted a white pelican. I also applied Alexander Ross, the carousel horsie onto a wooden panel with a background painted the color of John’s walls. I edited some more of the Galveston ghost story, made turkey meatballs, did laundry, listened to an audiobook. It was a rather uneventful day, and I allowed myself to take it easy. Tomorrow I’ll make sure to go to the gym!

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The Sea and the Carousel Horse

Today I started advertising my new show, which is called The Blue Sea. I also painted this tiny little vintage carousel horse I’m obsessed with. John actually has a little horsie like that in his gallery and I kind of want to steal it. It’s like the cutest thing ever!

Not much else going on except I got back to my routine today – writing in the morning, working out, healthy meals at home, and a long walk at sunset when the insects are buzzing in the trees. I like all that, and it keeps me really busy. I feel like days are going by real fast and sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m getting away with this, that this is what I do now, that tomorrow I get to get up and do the same!