It’s a Charmed Life

Today was such a great day – starting with a birthday party for my youngest collector who is now eight years old, to the fabulous formal gala thrown by my mentors to celebrate the graduation of another cohort of Escapist artists! It occurred to me this afternoon, while I was painting carousel horses, that IContinue reading “It’s a Charmed Life”

White Pelican

Today I painted a white pelican. I also applied Alexander Ross, the carousel horsie onto a wooden panel with a background painted the color of John’s walls. I edited some more of the Galveston ghost story, made turkey meatballs, did laundry, listened to an audiobook. It was a rather uneventful day, and I allowed myselfContinue reading “White Pelican”

The Sea and the Carousel Horse

Today I started advertising my new show, which is called The Blue Sea. I also painted this tiny little vintage carousel horse I’m obsessed with. John actually has a little horsie like that in his gallery and I kind of want to steal it. It’s like the cutest thing ever! Not much else going onContinue reading “The Sea and the Carousel Horse”