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An old friend came by today, a friend from a previous life. He brought me pink roses and we had a fun time visiting. He had good news to share about his life, and I had good news to share about mine. He bought a painting of the ceiling of the cathedral in Barcelona, a place we visited together a long time ago.

I also got to experiment with some oil sticks, but it was a stolen moment, nothing more, because my day was very busy and pretty much was bursting at the seams with fun! In the evening I went to Collectors’ Night at John’s and that was, in the words of the artist himself, very VIP.

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Girl with Dog

I made this quick sketch of Holly and me. It’s inspired by a picture my friend took at the party we had yesterday. I quite like it!

Today I got to have some time to myself, which was nice. I wrote, drank two coffees, got to the post office after it had already closed (oops!), went to the gym and worked out for 45 minutes on an entirely different machine, then in the evening met a friend for two gallery openings. It was nice and yet it was not. At the second gallery we went to I liked the art quite a lot, but nobody seemed to be looking at it. They were all there to talk to each other, which was fine, I suppose, but there was some phenomenal stuff on the walls and everyone was staring at their plastic wine glasses instead of taking it all in, and making small talk. Bla bla bla. Anyway, I looked at all the paintings and loved them and then I walked back to my car on a very pretty street where insects were buzzing in the trees, and I drove home and ate cereal for dinner because I had way too much sushi yesterday and today and I’m never eating salt again.

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The Sea Isn’t Always Blue

Today I finished the fifth draft of my Galveston ghost story. I’m starting to be really thrilled with the depth it’s gaining, though it’s a slow process. Things come to me gradually, and they work their way into the book. I will try to stay patient with this one – not always an easy thing for me to do.

I also painted a seascape inspired by a picture taken by one of my friends in Galveston, a place where the sea isn’t always blue, but it’s always lovely! And I had the closing reception for my Dog Days of summer project, which was quite a good time! For the first time I had a child visit the gallery, a nine-year-old boy who made fast friends with Holly, and who, while the adults were all busy talking looked at the art carefully and identified a small painting he wanted to buy. He negotiated a discount like a pro, and paid for it with his own money! I was so impressed!

Also, I raised $300 for BARC Houston and I can’t wait to give it to them next week!

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Sweet Rocky

So excited to work on a painting that will make a child happy! Also so very special to paint sweet Rocky, a puppy I recently met and played with – y’all, he’s so tiny! Yet he has a big personality! But he’s just this teeny tiny ball of fluff and when you touch him you realize he’s so much smaller than he looks.

Anyway, this was very satisfying. I can’t wait for the little boy this is for to see the painting! Also, I had a collector who’s been loving my watercolors for a long long time (and who owns the original Hotel Monteleone as well as Bienvenue en Louisiane, two of my most admired watercolors) come by the gallery to see my new space and my new work.

And, someone very very special who reads this blog every day just purchased Pink Arabesque. I am so absolutely thrilled!