How to Be Friends with a Lizard

Some of y’all already know I’m obsessed with the little lizard that sleeps on the same leaf of my lemon tree every night. I can’t even describe how excited I am to see him there. And yes, I do check. After dark, I open the door and look outside. There he is, always on theContinue reading “How to Be Friends with a Lizard”

The Bayou Outside My Door

Today it rained. At first it wasn’t bad here, and the news pulling me back into the sadness of Harvey was from Beaumont. Beaumont and the surrounding area flooded really bad. My former neighbor sent me a picture of my former house, the yard full of water, and I was thankful it’s no longer mineContinue reading “The Bayou Outside My Door”

White Pelican

Today I painted a white pelican. I also applied Alexander Ross, the carousel horsie onto a wooden panel with a background painted the color of John’s walls. I edited some more of the Galveston ghost story, made turkey meatballs, did laundry, listened to an audiobook. It was a rather uneventful day, and I allowed myselfContinue reading “White Pelican”

The Sea Isn’t Always Blue

Today I finished the fifth draft of my Galveston ghost story. I’m starting to be really thrilled with the depth it’s gaining, though it’s a slow process. Things come to me gradually, and they work their way into the book. I will try to stay patient with this one – not always an easy thingContinue reading “The Sea Isn’t Always Blue”