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Fragments of the Story

Today it rained and I set out to make a large painting that would serve as the cover art of my new novel, the Galveston ghost story featuring Betty, Edna, Suzanne, and Josephine. I had collected many watercolors and drawings from this blog that are inspired by that manuscript. I decided to copy them in black and white, but was totally at a loss as to how to incorporate them into a large painting, and what exactly the background should be. It pretty much took all day, involved a lot of soul searching, and a lot of physical labor, but I now have something I really like! The final version of this painting will be revealed during an exclusive event at the gallery at the end of this month – when I will also reveal the title of this new book. But for now, here’s a sneak peek. Also, it’s totally surreal that it’s raining while I’m working on my hurricane story.

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The Sea and the Carousel Horse

Today I started advertising my new show, which is called The Blue Sea. I also painted this tiny little vintage carousel horse I’m obsessed with. John actually has a little horsie like that in his gallery and I kind of want to steal it. It’s like the cutest thing ever!

Not much else going on except I got back to my routine today – writing in the morning, working out, healthy meals at home, and a long walk at sunset when the insects are buzzing in the trees. I like all that, and it keeps me really busy. I feel like days are going by real fast and sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m getting away with this, that this is what I do now, that tomorrow I get to get up and do the same!

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Revisiting Old Friends

Today I went back to Hardy and Nance for the first time in months. I’d been wanting to visit for a while, and since Don Tucker, who lived there and rented us our studios has recently passed on, I wanted to pay my respects. It was great and strange being back. It was like no time had passed and yet everything was different. Claire Richards moved her studio into Don’s former living quarters. Her paintings look amazing in there, and she received me warmly and gave me one of Don’s shirts as a keepsake, which made me feel very special and at the same time sad.

In my old studio some of my old magnets were still attached to the metal door. The new artist who shares with Naz said I could take them so I did.

I got home and decided to do a small oil painting, for old times’ sake. I haven’t worked in oil in so long and at some point I felt like it was annoying and cumbersome. Then I remembered why I love it.

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The Sea Isn’t Always Blue

Today I finished the fifth draft of my Galveston ghost story. I’m starting to be really thrilled with the depth it’s gaining, though it’s a slow process. Things come to me gradually, and they work their way into the book. I will try to stay patient with this one – not always an easy thing for me to do.

I also painted a seascape inspired by a picture taken by one of my friends in Galveston, a place where the sea isn’t always blue, but it’s always lovely! And I had the closing reception for my Dog Days of summer project, which was quite a good time! For the first time I had a child visit the gallery, a nine-year-old boy who made fast friends with Holly, and who, while the adults were all busy talking looked at the art carefully and identified a small painting he wanted to buy. He negotiated a discount like a pro, and paid for it with his own money! I was so impressed!

Also, I raised $300 for BARC Houston and I can’t wait to give it to them next week!