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Gifts from Betty

Today I was feeling rather tense. I decided to take a short swim, and it turned out that it was just what I needed. The day was still hot, which I love, but it held a newfound kind of freshness, an ever so subtle hint of seasons changing. The water was warm and there were a few fallen leaves floating in it. It was a glorious time to swim. The water glimmered just so, it danced in darker hues cut through by undulations of light. I’ve always liked the patterns of pool water, the aqua blue spots, the bright silver lines cutting through. It’s a beautiful thing to look at, and it’s a beautiful thing to paint. But I’d never seen the rainbows before. There are tiny rainbows hidden in the corners of the ripples of light, right where they intersect. Betty would have surely seen that, because Betty has a talent for noticing things. I felt like the rainbows, or rather the ability to see them, were a gift from her.

Later, much later, I walked Holly through our neighborhood and we saw the night heron who lives in one of the trees. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, and now he was standing in the middle of the side walk. Such a beautiful, magical creature! I felt that this encounter, too, was a gift from Betty.

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Girl with Dog

I made this quick sketch of Holly and me. It’s inspired by a picture my friend took at the party we had yesterday. I quite like it!

Today I got to have some time to myself, which was nice. I wrote, drank two coffees, got to the post office after it had already closed (oops!), went to the gym and worked out for 45 minutes on an entirely different machine, then in the evening met a friend for two gallery openings. It was nice and yet it was not. At the second gallery we went to I liked the art quite a lot, but nobody seemed to be looking at it. They were all there to talk to each other, which was fine, I suppose, but there was some phenomenal stuff on the walls and everyone was staring at their plastic wine glasses instead of taking it all in, and making small talk. Bla bla bla. Anyway, I looked at all the paintings and loved them and then I walked back to my car on a very pretty street where insects were buzzing in the trees, and I drove home and ate cereal for dinner because I had way too much sushi yesterday and today and I’m never eating salt again.

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Today I drew giraffes because I love these animals, and because I came across an older picture of a baby giraffe at the Houston zoo. Not much else happened. I wrote in the morning, worked out in the afternoon, and scheduled an appointment with BARC for tomorrow so I can bring them the check for the money I raised for them! I’m listening to an audiobook by Terry McMillan that I really liked. I’d forgotten how good she is! And it’s read in her own voice – something I’d never consider doing as an author, but which I find to be such a treat when other authors do it. I also started hanging my new paintings and I’m liking them a lot.

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Mariachi Band

Today I attended a very special birthday party where I was asked to take pictures and sketch. I’ll be working on a watercolor that captures the spirit of the event over the next few days. For now I sketched the mariachi band. I also ate, talked to people, and had a really nice time.

I can’t believe this is the last day of summer. It seemed endless at some point – in the best way possible. There are few things I love more than summer.