Never Give Up

So I seem to be on a powerful bovine kick. I realized that what appeals to me about cows, other than the fact that I’m a Taurus, is their stubborn nature. So I wrote ‘never give up’ all over the cow painting I made today. I also made a painting of a house I likeContinue reading “Never Give Up”

In Which I Have Too Much Fun

And finally a totally enjoyable, completely delicious day in my spring break! I painted and made a mess with my mentor, had lunch with cat lady at Local Foods, and visited the amazing home of Lizzy Hargrove, where we got to meet her wonderful birds. The weather was warm and I was in a happyContinue reading “In Which I Have Too Much Fun”

Dead Goddess Needs Marigolds

Today one of my goddesses was finally dry enough for me to continue my layered collage process. I decided to add marigolds. These have different symbolism in different cultures. They are important in India actually, but I decided to be playful and give my Indian-inspired goddess Mexican marigolds, marigolds for the dead. I also drewContinue reading “Dead Goddess Needs Marigolds”