Moving Out, Moving On

I’m not sure if Holly is pissed, or if that’s just her face, but she must be confused for sure, because once more I’m putting all her stuff in boxes, which is obviously very rude. Maybe in order not to shock her, or maybe simply because other things are much more fun, I’m moving atContinue reading “Moving Out, Moving On”

Carousel de la Tour Eiffel

John’s unveiling of the Paris series was tonight and it was wonderful! There was a cozy atmosphere in the bungalow, cheese and charcuterie, and the paintings were beautiful. I had a great time, and sold quite a few of my paintings as well. I also got a very special commission for a little girl’s room,Continue reading “Carousel de la Tour Eiffel”

Everybody Loves Paris

Everybody loves Paris. It’s what I’ve learned at the Gala on Saturday. People either have fond memories of it, or it’s a place they someday hope to go. So yes, I am planning a whole series of Paris paintings with a special unveiling party for my collectors. There couldn’t have been a better moment forContinue reading “Everybody Loves Paris”

The Great Road Trip

With my new novel, Lone Wolf, nearing publication, I’m inspired to drive to West Texas and revisit the really small town of Valentine (population 217!), where some of the action takes place. It’s a beautiful desert landscape. The sky, at night, is as dark as I’ve ever seen it, the stars shining brighter than I’veContinue reading “The Great Road Trip”