Horse Money!



Huge Thanks to everyone who participated in my Horse Money campaign by buying paperbacks directly through this website or Christmas Boxes from Sandovici Art! I was able to donate $300 to the Houston SPCA on December 1st 2020. I will probably raise money for a similar organization soon. And if you keep buying paperbacks through my website it will probably motivate me. 😉 Here’s a list of books for everyone on your list:

Dogs with Bagels: dog lovers, drama queens, people who love NYC

Stray Dogs and Lonely Beaches: travelers, empaths, people who like goats

Lost Path to Solitude: expats, people who love Boston Terriers, slightly self-aware neurotic divas, misfits of all kind, vegan wanna-bes with zero self-discipline

The Adventures of Miss Vulpe: mystery lovers not easily offended, adventurous eaters, assorted troublemakers, lovers of magical cats, people who laugh at inapporopriate jokes

Lone Wolf: writers, misfits, vagabonds, runaways of all varieties, lovers of road trips and trains, people who find small towns stifling

Storms of Malhado: artists; lonely misfits; lovers of old houses, ghosts, and horses

Stop and Smell the Garbage: people who understand that dogs are gross but very lovable

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