Horse Money!


Y’all remember when at the start of 2020 I decided to make a huge horse sculpture here in the gallery? Well, it’s fair to say that 2020 has surprised us all, and forced us to reassess our priorities. I decided that creating a horse sculpture was not important right now, but horses themselves are! I love horses and want to keep painting them, as well as incorporating them into my writing. But most of all, I would love to help horses and other animals too! Each summer I like to raise money for a nonprofit that helps animals. Last summer y’all helped me raise $300 for BARC Houston. This summer, I’d like to raise funds to donate to the Houston SPCA. They do, among other animals, help horses. I checked!

Here’s how my fundraising campaign works: For every paperback purchased through this website directly during the months of July and August, I will donate $5 to the Houston SPCA. Paperbacks are $15 each, and you have six novels and a volume of dog poetry to choose from. Animals make delightful cameos in all stories, but perhaps the most notable ones are Fiona and Jack, the two horses that survive the 1900 storm in Storms of Malhado. You can stock up on books for everyone on your Christmas list! Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. If you wish for books to be personalized, you must be in the Houston area and coordinate contact-free gallery pickup. Books shipped directly to you will not be personalized, but will include a note thanking you for your donation to the SPCA.

In addition to books that allow for a donation, throughout July and August, look for a new sale on animal-themed art in my online store everyday! 25% of all sales on animal-themed art (incuding discounted art) will be donated to the Houston SPCA.

Each day I will update the amount raised through books and art on this website!

Raised so far: $280

Here’s a cheat sheet on who might like each book. Click on the link to see more info including how to purchase.

Dogs with Bagels: dog lovers, drama queens, people who love NYC

Stray Dogs and Lonely Beaches: travelers, empaths, people who like goats

Lost Path to Solitude: expats, people who love Boston Terriers, slightly self-aware neurotic divas, misfits of all kind, vegan wanna-bes with zero self-discipline

The Adventures of Miss Vulpe: mystery lovers not easily offended, adventurous eaters, assorted troublemakers, lovers of magical cats, people who laugh at inapporopriate jokes

Lone Wolf: writers, misfits, vagabonds, runaways of all varieties, lovers of road trips and trains, people who find small towns stifling

Storms of Malhado: artists; lonely misfits; lovers of old houses, ghosts, and horses

Stop and Smell the Garbage: people who understand that dogs are gross but very lovable

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