Drunk Elephant

Today I painted a drunk elephant because I figured we all need to cheer up, also I read a really cute story about elephants getting drunk in China. Also, my Alexander Ross trow pillows just arrived from Society6 and they’re the absolute cutest thing ever. I love these so so much! The fabric is beautiful too, and looks sturdy, and they have a zipper so the covers can be taken off and washed. I am so very pleased with them!

Horse Drawing

Today I drew a horse. It was a rainy day and I was tired and sad. The virus is spreading fast in Texas and the situation in Houston could become critical. I tried to stay positive by taking a nap and baking a tomato tart – with brown sugar and ginger. I saw a frog in the morning and a snail in the afternoon. I managed to restore my fancy espresso machine to its factory settings and thereby addressed a problem it was having where the water was overflowing. I talked to Matilda a little bit. She doesn’t get sad. She’s always perfectly content. I think part of me is like that too, but today that part was more elusive. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be restored to factory settings myself. A good night’s sleep can do that.

Sage the World

This Summer Solstice I figured we all need some heavy smudging, so I painted sage and a feather. I could really smell the sage while painting it, so I figure I’m not infected. Also I’m hopefully transforming into a dog. Just kidding, sort of. I might have a lot of fun as a dog, but only if Holly turned into a human and took care of me and started paying some bills around here.

Summer Veggies

It’s hard for me to express how much I love summer and how much I don’t want it to be over. Like ever. I just love everything about it. The flowers, the heat, the sunshine, the buzzing insects in the trees, the ripe peaches, and all the glorious summer veggies. Tomatoes and peppers and sweet sweet corn.

Today I went to my friends’ house and watched John install a painting for them – which was very exciting. They gave me fresh peppers from their yard and I painted them.

Also, here’s another of the pictures for the photo shoot for the new cover of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. The graphic designer texted with some questions today, which means she’ll probably have a mock-up for me soon.

Mask Up, Buttercup!

It’s official! As of Monday, businesses in Harris County will have to require all employees and customers to wear masks and will face fines if they fail to do so. As a small business owner in perpetual limbo over how to balance safety with being as welcoming as possible, this order helps a lot. I’m happy we can all enjoy some normal fun activities again, and so happy to see my collectors come back to the gallery. But the virus keeps spreading and shutting down again is not an option. I really hope we can all look at masks as something that can give us freedom to enjoy some of our favorite things while staying safe. For example, my friends and I – very small group of people who I know have been staying home, masking up, and overall staying vigilant – are excited to go to a museum tomorrow to see the work of Tatiana Escallon, whom we all love. It’s a fun little adventure, but wouldn’t be tempting if we had to worry about getting contaminated or contaminating others.

Anyway, I spent my day transforming some of my favorite works into cute artsy masks. You can get them on the Society6 website! Also, I created a painting of the new Pride flag specifically in order to make a Pride 2020 mask and I’m so proud (pun intended) of how it turned out.

Le Journal

Today’s painting, inspired by Maison Armance, revisits one of my favorite themes: woman reading paper in a hotel room in Paris.

My other accomplishments today, other than swimming – which made me tired and promptly led to napping – was using the images from Matilda’s photo shoot the other day to design a line of products on Society6. Also, here’s a sneak peek at one of the pictures from my own photo shoot yesterday for the new cover of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe.


Today’s photo shoot was a lot of fun. I have a hard relaxing and looking natural, but it happened faster than usual this time. I had a peek at the pictures and they’re great. Will probably post some tomorrow. For now you can see Cassandra, the doll, reading the book in order to get into the mood.

I must admit one of my sources of anxiety over this was the possibility that I might not fit into the clothes I wanted to wear, or that I’d look like a sack of potatoes, or perhaps a stuffed sausage, but I did fit and the clothes looked good on. I still do miss the endorphin-boost of my elliptical workouts, but my daily walks and yoga have been keeping me in shape.

After the photo shoot, I ran home for lunch, then took my car in for its yearly inspection. I’d been having anxiety about this too, but it was fast and easy and it was good to see my friendly, reliable mechanic. He was wearing his mask and told me he’s had a lot of business all throughout the lockdown.

In the evening, after my Facebook show where I drew the Chanel-inspired image above (and it sold right away!) my friend came over for Niçoise salads, peach crumble, and cava, and we talked about art and the photo shoot. All in all, it’s been a great day, and after many days of just staying home it feels a little surreal that one can do so much in a mere twenty four hours.

Reading at the Beach

Today’s painting is inspired by the fabulous Hannah Favre (@hannahsfavre on Instagram). It’s acrylic on paper, and I quite love the way it turned out.

Other highlights of the day: Matilda the carousel horse had a photo shoot. She loves that kind of attention. I might have a photo shoot myself next week, with this creepy vintage doll my friend has, which would be perfect for the new cover of Miss Vulpe. Stay tuned!