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Happy Summer Vibes

Today the air outside felt like the breath of an angry dragon – even at night when I walked the dog then took a dip in the pool. Perhaps it didn’t help that I drank a lot of bubbly, but it was the last of my first batch of Sky Club Elite meals (I have two more at a later date), it was with a very special friend, we hadn’t seen each other in forever, and our conversation was as sparkling as the champagne. Besides, it was a Sunday and I awoke slightly hungover and had cold s’mores for breakfast. Sometimes it’s what you do. It was quite a fabulous day indeed.

Side notes: I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s City of Girls and enjoying it enormously.

Cold s’mores are great if you use very good dark chocolate. I used Tony’s Chocoloney, which I bought at Whole Foods because I’m way too lazy to go anywhere else. I haven’t left my neighborhood in over a week now, but sometimes I enjoy having everything nearby and not needing to go anywhere. Once John returns from Vietnam – any day now! – I will surely drive to the Heights.

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Yesterday I went swimming at night after my Sky Club Elite guests left, and on my way to the pool I saw a frog. I love seeing frogs, and in Houston in the summer it happens sometimes.

Also, isn’t this dog so cute? We had another visit today, a really fun dinner where at the end we made s’mores. Holly didn’t get any.

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Fabulous in Paris

This morning I was compelled to paint one more painting to add to my Bienvenue au Carousel show. The inspiration was a picture posted by Georgie Jolie, a fabulous globe-trotting model I love following on social media, not just for her glamour but also for her wit. It couldn’t be more perfect: The picture was taken at a Parisian café and contained perfect light, also a hefty dose of style and mystery, so how could I resist?

This evening I had another one of my Sky Club Elite dinners and it was very sweet. Also, can you spot the carousel horse in the picture below?

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Sleeping Beauty

It rained today, not hard, not reminiscent of the hurricane, but in a soft mellow way that turns Houston rather magical. It rained and I overslept with my phone set to ‘Do Not Disturb’, and my whole family near and far ended up being really worried about me because they couldn’t reach me, which I felt terrible about, but which was also very sweet. Apparently my family will call the police if they can’t reach me for 45 minutes.

The rest of the day progressed in a fog, but it was a happy kind of fog. I ended up seeing a friend for a lovely late lunch, and another friend visited me unexpectedly in the evening, and even bought a painting she’d been wanting for a while.

It’s funny, because about two weeks ago when I came back from Europe I felt very lonely, but now I’m feeling connected to people and happy.

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One Thing You Didn’t Know

One thing you didn’t know about me is that I stalk various English Pointer accounts on Instagram and constantly text my mentor screen shots of dogs that look like his. Also, I decided to do a digital drawing today because I hadn’t done one in a while. And I had another really good Sky Club Elite dinner this evening. I’m so excited about these! They are great fun!

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This Is Fun!

The day of my first Sky Club Elite dinner was such a great day! My friend who has an excellent eye for detail came and helped me for a few hours to make the price tags and put the finishing touches on the display in the gallery. I am so very grateful to have such help and support – especially from someone whose taste and grace and general savoir-vivre I admire! By the time she left, everything was ready and I was happy and relaxed. The food I served was very simple but nice, and once the collectors arrived we had a really wonderful time! The dog really liked them – which was both good and bad, but her pleas for their attention were tolerable. I don’t want to give too much away about how the evening went down at this point, as I know some Sky Club Elite members read this blog, and I don’t want to ruin my surprises for them. Suffice to say, it was really fun, and I’m so happy to be doing this!

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Progress in the Gallery

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I was too wired, too overwhelmed by everything I still wanted to do, overly stimulated by some of the changes and surprises I’m preparing here in the gallery. (Ok, let’s be honest here: I’m also really nervous! The trip was wonderful and meant a lot to me. So do the paintings it inspired. I hope I can convey to my collectors the experience I had, the feelings behind the works, the inspiration, the uniqueness of each place and experience. So yes, there might be a little bit of anxiety, as I am generally quite an anxious girl, and excitement sometimes amps me up to the point where I get very restless.)

Despite its rough start, the day ended up being a good one. I made progress cleaning! I even have new bar stools, though my dog is certainly not impressed. And, most importantly, my friend who has exquisite taste and flair, plus a knack for simplifying things, offered to come help me for a few hours tomorrow in anticipation of my very first Sky Club Elite dinner! After a much needed swim, I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight. And a fun dinner tomorrow evening!