We All Need Magic

Here’s another painting inspired by an awesome Instagram post (check out @sanzieneinurban)! I loved this picture of a beautiful woman wearing a Romanian blouse and drinking tea. It is the stuff of magic and we all need magic in our lives.

Also, tomorrow night is my book signing for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe! 6-8, 1218 Heights Boulevard. I’m so excited! John put my name up on the wall in the gallery for the occasion, and I hung the sugar bowl paintings I made to advertise the book signing above it. It’s been a while since I had an event for one of my books, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Girl with Balloons

Today I painted this girl with balloons I saw on Instagram (@whereintheworldismiha). I wrote another 1,000 words on my ghost story. I had a very lovely collector come and pick up her painting from my show, and overall had a nice, relaxed kind of day. It was a good Sunday.

Tomorrow (maybe!) I’ll find out if I get to rent the house I filled out the application for. Here’s hoping! I guess if a weekend’s wait has taught me anything it’s that I do want the house and do want to move forward. And that’s a very good feeling.

After the Rain

Today during Open Studios at Sabine Street I painted this pullet. I also kept messing around with the former hurricane paintings. I decided I’d paint some green over them to symbolize new stuff growing after the rain, but then that turned into yellow, my ultimate happy color. I figured it could be sunshine after the rain. Or maybe all of our efforts to overcome the trauma of the storm and rebuild our lives and our city in this past year. I like to think of how far most of us have come!

Also, I’m happy to report that this evening I sat down and finally resumed writing my Galveston ghost story, which I’d neglected since May. I promise I will do a better job of staying on top of it from now on!

Glitter and Good Karma

So today I filled out an application for the house I found in the Heights. Afterwards I recycled all the empty water bottles in my car, hoping to generate good karma. I’m still on the fence about my decision. I mean, I like my current apartment a lot, although I feel like I’ve outgrown it. Also, I do want to take the next step for my art business.

As if on cue, the books for my book signing arrived. It was impossible not to get excited. So when I met my friend for a painting party at my Sabine Street studio later tonight I was in a good mood. I painted a party scene, something that could easily be a scene in The Adventures of Miss Vulpe.

I also messed with yesterday’s abstract paintings of hurricanes. I decided I need to change them. I don’t want to paint hurricanes as that is not the type of energy I want to put into the world. And so I got stuck in a never-ending abstract painting process in which I basically mess everything up before finding a way to fix it (hopefully). I talked to my friend about the house. “What can go wrong?” she asked. She always asks that. In the end, we both concluded that even if things go wrong I will probably learn things for my business for the future.

Hurricanes and Miss Vulpe

It’s been a complicated day: my body felt sore and heavy from the beach (my friend says that the detoxing little crystals in the sand cause sleepiness and flying dragon sightings), and I had to look at houses in the Heights – not just any houses, but ones where I could potentially host events for collectors. A good address with good parking, that sort of thing. And because house hunting has always been daunting for me, you can imagine this was too.

In the middle of the day I had to take a break and take a nap. The flying dragon was happy to join me. Afterwards I felt better and my mind was more focused. I still wasn’t ready to make a decision about houses, but I did manage to finally select the passage of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe I’ll be reading at my book signing Tuesday night. I even did a drawing of Miss Vulpe.

Then I went into my studio at Sabine Street and painted three abstract little hurricanes for the upcoming Harvey Retrospective Show at Hardy and Nance (August 24 and 25). The studio felt really good. I left my door open and friends I hadn’t seen in a while came in.

Later I drove by two of my favorite houses at night. I felt good in both locations. And yes, I actually picked one. Keep your fingers crossed! This will help me take things to the next level!

Soy Dispenser

For lunch today I saw an old friend and her family and we had Chinese food in the Galleria. They had these little soy dispensers on the tables, which were really cute. I thought of how Miss Vulpe would probably love to steal them.

And speaking of Miss Vulpe, I stayed up way too late rereading the book, trying to find a passage suitable to read at the book signing. It was funny how sucked in I got into the story and how late I stayed up. I felt a bit tired all day, but still, some things were very nice, such as the Restaurant Week dinner I had with the friend who helped me at White Linen when I had no voice. We went to Caracol, and it was beautiful and amazing. Our conversation was a bit like rereading Miss Vulpe too. We had a lot of catching up to do and I didn’t want it to stop.

She Steals Sugar Bowls…

She steals sugar bowls; I steal my mentor’s art supplies. She loves to travel and to transform herself, assuming new identities; my solo show is all about travel, and has undergone some transformations of its own.

I feel like Miss Vulpe, the young adult protagonist of a novel that’s definitely for adults only, belongs in the Franklin Gallery right now. So I am very pleased to announce that I’ll be having a book signing on Tuesday, August 14th, 6-8. Come by The Chrysalis (1218 Heights Boulevard) to learn more about The Adventures of Miss Vulpe, and my other books as well. I will have a short reading, then sign copies of all books (including my #1 best seller: poetry in my dog’s voice!). There’ll be champagne, of course, because Miss Vulpe wouldn’t have it any other way!

Please don’t bring children or anyone easily offended. But do bring friends looking for a funny and irreverent beach read!

Featured paintings: Sugar Bowl 1; Sugar Bowl 2, acrylic on wood, 10×10 inches, $100 each.


In which I’m tired but very happy and I promise my little dog to take her to the beach this week.

Also, my friend and I had dinner at Provisions tonight and it was oh-so-good! Our favorites? The lemon, grapefruit, and cucumber mocktail we started with, the English pea soup, and for me the zucchini pistachio cake with ginger ice cream. I might have said it before, this is my favorite restaurant in Houston. It never disappoints.

White Linen

The party was very beautiful. My friend Meaghan came and was my voice for the evening. That was amazing of her! I also typed little messages into my phone for people and it worked. I was dressed in white and completely silent. You’d think I was on a yoga retreat. Instead I was socializing at White Linen and selling art.

It was a fun night. In a way my silence made it funnier. One of my favorite moments, though, came when a lady I had never met before walked in wearing one of my Houston in the Rain shirts. That was amazing! I managed to communicate to her that I’d made that. We took pictures. She actually gave me – what a sweet little gift! – a teeny tiny polaroid of us both and in it I look like my mother.

I can’t say how special that moment was for me, seeing my shirt on someone I didn’t know, who didn’t know me. Sometimes I can just feel it: Houston loves me back. And on that note, good night! Dream of white roses!