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A Heart Full of Cats

I obviously drew this for my friend, cat curator extraordinaire.

It’s been a good day. I felt relaxed and hopeful. I also got a special treat: A friend I haven’t seen in a long time is here spending the weekend in Houston and we got to go to the Galleria together, to talk and laugh just like old times, except it’s more exciting now because we’re both happier and living more authentic lives than before. I bought Angel perfume and a chartreuse dress. We ate South African food. We had to take an Uber home because it was raining. Though really, it was warm enough for me to wear my Wonder Woman shoes, and that suited me just fine. Tomorrow we’ll continue our adventures. I’ll keep you posted.

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This morning, while driving to Beaumont, I called my fabulous witchy friend, desperate, because I felt the world was closing in on me. We talked about things. We are both going through some exciting experiences, learning, and growing, and getting closer to achieving our goals. The truth is, the world is not closing in, it’s opening up. But that can be scary. Sometimes getting the things you want can be more terrifying than not getting them. Opportunity brings responsibility.

“Don’t fuck this up,” and old friend and mentor from what now seems like a past life said when I told her I’d been accepted into the Escapist Mentorship Program. Her advice encapsulates all my fears. Can I really do this? Am I a good enough artist? Do I have the discipline, the talent, and the charm? Is my social anxiety gonna come bite me in the ass?

Initially I felt a huge rush of excitement at the acceptance. I should have been wary of allowing myself such a tremendous high. “You’re gonna crash,” a frenemy once told me at an art show where I was too excited. And crash I did. Then and now.

I felt exhausted and I couldn’t even sleep. But tonight I hope to get some rest. Also, I hope taking the pulse of my feelings and being honest will help: I am excited but I am also nervous. Very very nervous. Still, I’m grateful for being given this opportunity, and with it, the responsibility of actually making the most of it.

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Let’s Try Something New

I’m afraid I’ve reached an impasse with my Blogger site. It simply will no longer allow me to upload pictures. I don’t know what’s up with that, and I’m not sure I have the tech savvy or the time to fix it. But, after more than four years of blogging daily, you can imagine how this would be difficult to give up. So, let’s try something new. They say WordPress is better. Please bear with me while I learn it.

This might be a good time to upgrade. There are many new and exciting beginnings in store: I’m thrilled to announce that I was accepted into the 2018 Escapist Mentorship Program with artist John Ross Palmer. Stay tuned for news about this exciting program!

Also, in March I will be moving into my new studio in the brand new building at Sabine Street. So yes, changes are underway, and the new blog will hopefully provide an interesting chronicle of everything that’s about to unfold.