The Fly

My friends requested this watercolor of a fly. We have a text group called Exercise Girls, which hasn’t discussed exercise in about three months, but is proving to be very supportive and fun. Today went by pretty fast. I went to see John in the morning, and he taught me some cool tricks for Aimée’sContinue reading “The Fly”


Slowly, very very slowly, I’m getting reacquainted with the manuscript for Glory Days. I decided to do a fashion sketch to get myself back into thinking about what Aimée would have worn in 1898. It helped a little bit, and I’m hoping to make more progress tomorrow. It’s been a weird day. The stars andContinue reading “1898”


Guess what? The second edition of the Sandovici Art Surprise Christmas Boxes are sold out! One of these Cardinals will go into one of them. The other one has already found a good home. This is so exciting! I love making the Christmas Boxes so much! I also spent some time today designing some bookContinue reading “Cardinals”

Christmas Llama

Penguins, llamas, polar bears, or bears in hats? It’s what I ask the collectors who bought Christmas boxes, because that’s what’s on the wrapping paper. I personally am partial to the polar bears because they’re just so cute – but really all the designs are adorable and all boxes are full of goodness, though IContinue reading “Christmas Llama”

Sprinkle Fairy Dust

Guess what? All my ten Christmas boxes sold! Immediately! It was so incredibly easy to sell these, that it felt beyond magical. It felt like some sort of positive visualization that actually worked, like I manifested something. Now starts the truly exciting part: getting them to the people who bought them and waiting to seeContinue reading “Sprinkle Fairy Dust”

A Celebration of Quitting

You know what day it is? The day I would have gone back to school if I were still teaching. I found this out from Facebook. But I’m not going back to school, in the classroom or online, because I quit my tenured job two years ago in order to be a full-time artist andContinue reading “A Celebration of Quitting”

Christmas Boxes 2020

Today the red tissue paper I’d ordered for my Christmas boxes arrived, and I got to work right away. These boxes full of surprises are so much fun! Basically, since Christmas shopping this year will be so different, and people will miss out on the fun of coming to the gallery, I decided to makeContinue reading “Christmas Boxes 2020”