Running Free

It seemed fitting that I would paint these Appaloosas today as I’m planning something that will result in me feeling a lot more free. I’ll let y’all know soon enough what it is! After my calligraphy workshop last week with John, I sat down today and wrote a sample letter from Aimée. I made aContinue reading “Running Free”

Timeless Elegance

Yesterday’s inspiration continued today. I got to have some very good interactions with some of my favorite glamorous ladies (you know who you are!), including even a masked walk with one of them. And yes, of course, the mask itself can be worn with flair and style. At some point we talked about Jackie O,Continue reading “Timeless Elegance”

Horse Report

Here’s a little update on my campaign to raise money for the Houston SPCA by selling paperbacks directly through my website. I’m excited that people are actually doing it! I donate $5 for each paperback sold. My goal is to raise $500 by mid-September and so far I have $175, which is at least startingContinue reading “Horse Report”