Today I felt the need to work on a big abstract painting in my new style, sectioning part of it off with tape. It was a good, healing process, a revelation of sorts. I don’t know what I hadn’t thought of doing this on canvas before. I also painted some of my favorite creatures onContinue reading “Revelation”

Texas Heroes Monument

Along with Mary Star of the Sea, Lady Victory also makes several cameos in Storms of Malhado as a statue standing guard over the Island. Today I decided to try my hand at painting the Texas Heroes Monument again. I had a magical kind of day, working with John on a secret project – withContinue reading “Texas Heroes Monument”

Tales of the Swamp

I know I’m late to this party, but I finally read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and fell absolutely in love with it. I initially had some resistance to this book, partly because I was afraid its landscape would bring up my own memories of the swamp, incursions into the wilderness that wereContinue reading “Tales of the Swamp”

Banana Cream Pie

Today I spent some time thinking of different things I might do for the official release of Storms of Malhado on September 8th. One idea I came up with is maybe having an old fashioned pie recipe contest – with judges who are foodies. I figured that could be fun, since Betty eats so muchContinue reading “Banana Cream Pie”