Gala Night

Today was the big day – the Escapist Graduation Gala, broadcast over Zoom with just a few of us there. And there was a huge surprise in store for me. When Ryan asked me to be in the room when he and John gave the graduating Escapists their medals, I thought it was only becauseContinue reading “Gala Night”

Deck the Halls

I painted this watercolor to remind y’all that as the Holidays approach, I’m here to paint dogs, cats, Christmas trees, beloved humans, homes, or whatever else you might need painted. In the meantime I’ve been hanging my Gold Series in the gallery for some upcoming gallery visits and they look great! Pictures can’t really doContinue reading “Deck the Halls”

Mindless Magic

There’s this exercise John asks Escapists to do during the program that consists of making twelve small paintings within an hour. It’s a very freeing exercise as when you paint that fast you can’t think and John says that thinking kills the magic. It’s also a powerful way of getting unstuck and just a goodContinue reading “Mindless Magic”

Timeless Elegance

Yesterday’s inspiration continued today. I got to have some very good interactions with some of my favorite glamorous ladies (you know who you are!), including even a masked walk with one of them. And yes, of course, the mask itself can be worn with flair and style. At some point we talked about Jackie O,Continue reading “Timeless Elegance”

Always Look for Horses

There are old horse posts all over the historic district in Galveston, and there was this particularly beautiful one close to the house we rented. The dog and I went home today, and we left a little gift behind for the owners of the house. Can you guess what? We already miss the whistling birdsContinue reading “Always Look for Horses”

Full Moon on the Island

This year September has two full moons – can there be more of a symbol of things coming full circle, of endings and new beginnings? It was a good day to spend on the Island, awakened by salt air and whistling grackles. It was a good day to walk on the beach twice, absorbing theContinue reading “Full Moon on the Island”

Bluebonnet Study

I’ve received a very exciting commission from a new collector who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a painting of wildflowers, particularly bluebonnets, and today I did a study for it during my Facebook Live show. I also am planning a secret adventure. Remember how I said I needed a porch and was thinking of maybeContinue reading “Bluebonnet Study”

Trueheart Adriance Building

I’ve been meaning to paint the Trueheart Adriance Building, one of my favorite buildings in Galveston for years now! And now I had an extra reason, because it’s finally home to a shop worthy of its historic beauty. If you haven’t been to Tippytoes yet, you should go! Along with many other lovely, highly giftableContinue reading “Trueheart Adriance Building”