Haunted. By Foxes.

Today’s painting is of a fur teddy bear I saw in a shop window today. How perfect for Halloween! I mean, surely a fur teddy bear would be haunted. By foxes, no less, as the fur, though dyed blue, appeared to be fox. And I know these things as a furrier’s granddaughter. In fact, tonightContinue reading “Haunted. By Foxes.”

Hotel Monteleone

It was still cold today, but sunny. I dreamt something good. I don’t remember it now but some of my favorite people were in it. I felt inspired and I finally got back to the manuscript I’ve been neglecting, the one for the sequel to The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. Spoiler alert: I have thisContinue reading “Hotel Monteleone”

Skeleton on a Swing

Good things about today: A great new review for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe, a Goodreads webinar where I picked up some cool new tricks, two nice phone conversations with my friend, coffee, a long walk, a long drive, a gas pump with a giraffe sticker on it, Halloween decorations in Tanglewood, geese flying inContinue reading “Skeleton on a Swing”

Feast for the Dead

Today my aunts had a special feast to mark six weeks since grandma’s passing. Consisting of many elaborate rituals mainly aimed at giving food and a list of very specific items to the poor, this six-week celebration is a huge production. I helped my old lizard organize some of the elements of this tradition sixContinue reading “Feast for the Dead”

Miss Vulpe – The Story Continues

Last night’s book club inspired me. Late into the night I started rereading The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. I probably stayed up too late doing so, and today I woke up with a post-book club hangover. I only really had the one glass of wine, but once more have lost my alcohol tolerance. Whatever. ItContinue reading “Miss Vulpe – The Story Continues”

Betty at the Pool

Inspired by a post by the Bryan Museum, this watercolor, which makes me think of Betty in Storms of Malhado, was something I just had to paint. And a few magical things happened while I was painting it. It pretty much painted itself, the watercolors being all loose and flowy and fun, the way watercolorsContinue reading “Betty at the Pool”

Christmas Llama

Penguins, llamas, polar bears, or bears in hats? It’s what I ask the collectors who bought Christmas boxes, because that’s what’s on the wrapping paper. I personally am partial to the polar bears because they’re just so cute – but really all the designs are adorable and all boxes are full of goodness, though IContinue reading “Christmas Llama”

I’ll Miss You, Aimée!

Bittersweet: This morning I finished the sixth draft of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard and sent it off to my editor. I will miss Aimée, but in her own way, she will be with me while I work on my other projects and wait for the editor’s feedback. The thing is I really thinkContinue reading “I’ll Miss You, Aimée!”

The Great Escape Artist

I’m very inspired by the story of the octopus who escaped from a New Zealand aquarium and squeezed its large body through a drain pipe making its way to the ocean. Perhaps there’s hope for all of us, and y’all know there are few things I like better than thoughts of escaping. Pandemics and theContinue reading “The Great Escape Artist”

Summer Fun

Today I drew a little toy car John gave me, and had fun coloring it with markers like a child. I also figured out how to make my Crazy Good Deal page work, so expect to see an exciting opportunity to acquire a piece of art for a steal on it each and every day.Continue reading “Summer Fun”